Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to Back to Back

We have had our fill of gymnastics meets in the past 2 weeks! Last week was Circle of Stars, and both Meagan and Sebastian competed on Sunday. Meagan had a milestone meet!! For starters, she got her roundoff back handspring and was able to compete floor!! This was a first for her this year! And then, on top of that, she got her first of the two 32.0 all-around scores that are required to qualify for the state meet! Now she just needs to have one more good meet to get her second 32!!  Sebastian competed in the evening, and did very well! He placed in every event and won first place all-around!

Then, this weekend Sebastian had another meet. This time in Chicago. So Sunday, Sebastian, Meagan, and I (Isaac stayed the night with a friend, and Lucas stayed home with the dog because he had to work Monday morning) hopped in the van and trucked it up to Chicago. We stopped at IHOP for dinner on the way (sshhhh!!! don't tell Isaac he missed out on IHOP!!).

We stayed at the Hilton Chicago, and can I just say that the kids had sticker shock of sorts! Sebastian kept ogling at the chandeliers and the marble and blah blah blah. Let's just say it was a bit fancier than the Holiday Inn Express that we usually stay in when we travel. Our room was on the 22nd floor and looked out over Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. Beautiful! I only wish it hadn't been so polar outside so we could have walked around and enjoyed it a bit. As it was, we had to settle for our view of the 5 degree night from the window of the hotel room.

At night... Navy Pier all lit up...

And in the morning... this is looking the other direction, toward the museum and out over the water.

There was a shop in the lobby that served Starbucks. After all the driving and the freeeeeezing cold weather, a chai tea sounded delicious!! So the kids and I headed down to the lobby for a warm drink (they got steamed milk with caramel flavoring) before bed.

 And we headed to the meet bright and early this morning and had a full day of competition.

Again, Sebastian had a pretty good meet! He had a few hiccups, but still ended up placing first on p-bars, 2nd on floor, pommel horse, and high bar, and first all-around! Great job buddy!!

It was good to get home and relax after a lot of traveling. Now, apparently, the kids are on a 2-hour delay for tomorrow morning due to cold temperatures...????

Now I'm off to watch the new show on Fox - The Following... we'll see how it is, but it sounds intriguing. So have a good night!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Project Life 2013

In 2012 I tried for a second time to complete a Project Life album. And for a second time, I did not finish when the year finished. In 2011, I was doing alright until our move, and then I fell off the wagon. In 2012, I tried to take a different approach, and I'm fairly confident that it was the approach that tripped me up. I had tried to do a paper approach, printing out the photos individually and all that jazz. Clearly, I am not a paper kind of girl. Digi is my thing. I think it's best if I stick with what I do best.

So this year, I'm going back to what comes easy to me. We'll see if I can keep up a little better. Because I have this funny feeling that keeping up is the key to actually finishing! *lol*

There's been a lot so far. A lot I haven't shared on here, as I've just simply been trying to live through it and wade through it all.

So here's what I've got so far. I'm 2 weeks in, and so far, I'm up to speed.

Intro page...

week 1...

week 2...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet Schedule Updates

I've updated the meet schedule page, and also the meet schedule facebook group for those of you who are affected by that.