Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Day After

We did it! We survived Halloween - and the sleet and snow and reeeeeaallly strong winds! As promised, I have a few pictures to share with you...

Let's start with this little miracle: I actually managed to get the house decorated and CLEANED yesterday in time for all the festivities!! We had no pumpkins, did no carvings, but these things are not the end of the world. We still had fun. Here's how the house turned out...

I was even done in time to do up my crazy spider web face for Meagan's school party. This year I busted out some super glittery fake eye lashes to go along with the web. They took a bit of getting used to, but it was fun. One of the kids in Meagan's class said I looked like Lady GaGa.

Again this year, Meagan was our only kid to dress up and trick-or-treat. A good friend of hers (in the middle) is moving out of state (today actually), so we invited her over to hang out with us for her last night in town! May as well go out with a bang, right?! Well, the one friend grew to two, and pretty soon, I had a house with three girls and all the silliness (and loud singing Frozen songs) that goes with it. 

 The girls had a blast together, although they gave up on trick-or-treating pretty was COLD!
(see, when I was forced to bust out the winter coat and hat and gloves, it's COLD!)

The boys hung out and handed out candy. Eventually Isaac migrated across the street to hang out with our neighbors, and Sebastian wandered down the road a few houses to hang out with his best friend. And then later the boys walked around the block to a "haunted house" that someone had set up in their garage. Fun times!

 So, the night wrapped up with one extra girl spending the night at our house, Isaac spending the night at the neighbors', and Sebastian home late to watch Halloween movies until we all crashed. Gone are the days of costumes and candy trading, of The Great Pumpkin and Scared Shrekless. Still, it was a great Halloween! Hope you enjoyed yours as much as we did!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Layout Dump

There are tons of layouts I haven't shared on here... let's be honest, there are tons of everything I haven't shared on here. I won't drown you in them by posting every one I've skipped.... but I WILL share the recent ones. I have done a few in the past few weeks. Plus, today is a HUGE new release day at The Lilypad, and I actually had time to get some pages done. So here goes... 

I'm still working on my Project Life for 2014, although I've fallen WAY behind! I currently do not have a strategy for catching up, but we'll see what I can pull off... I've been trying to do an intro page for the start of each month, showing our current fave's and habits and activities. It's been fun to look back at them as time passes. This is one thing I'm definitely glad I started and stuck with!

And to get in the Halloween mood, here's a page from last year's festivities! Meagan was the only one to dress up last year (as she will be this year... the boys are going to hang out and pass out candy with our neighbors). Since it was just her, I took the liberty of girlying up the page a wee bit. :)

Here's a page I did with a Halloween kit that has nothing to do with the holiday. I had these pics of Dubby from last fall... He would just lay in front of the open door and soak up the sunshine. Sadly, now he is a bit too neurotic to enjoy this activity, as he feels he needs to bark at everything that moves outside. *sigh*

Part of my falling behind this year has meant that I have failed to do much of anything with our birthday pics... until now. This week a perfect birthday kit is being released at TLP, so I took advantage of the chance to get at least a few pics into the album.

Also from Meg's birthday this year... a 1-on-1 back yard lacrosse game.

And finally, last Sunday Meagan and I took a bike ride to the park nearby. We stopped and played on the playground for a bit before riding home. It was perfect weather, with bright blue skies and falling leaves. And Mommy-Meagan time... it doesn't get much better!

It's a 2-page spread. Here's the left:

And the right:

and the spread:

Okay, that's it for now. Have a great day!!! 


Happy Halloween!!  I have big plans for the day! Other than going into the office to grab my open house flyers and talk with my manager for a few minutes, today is going to be a day "off" (if there really is such a thing?). I have to finish our Halloween decorations, since I still have them half done and in boxes... but I promised Meagan we would decorate, and I'm going to keep my promise.
Tonight is trick-or-treat. Meg's good friend from school is coming over to go out with us. Then tomorrow, she and her family pack up and move to Cleveland. I know Meagan is going to miss her like CRAZY!! But the girls are so looking forward to getting to be together this evening! I'm so thankful they're going to have that time to play and have fun and make memories. Guarantee I will be taking pictures! :)

Also in the plans today, get my house clean! It has been sadly neglected, and I can't take it anymore! I'm not aiming for perfection, but sanity would be nice.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, however you choose to spend it! Stay safe! Have fun! Love and enjoy the people you're with! I'll be back with pictures. (Really. I really need / want to get back into the habit of blogging... it's been REALLY pitiful for way too long!)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Water bugs

It seems my creative time comes in spurts lately. There will be a big empty space full of nothing but stuff that strongly resembles responsibility. And then all of a sudden, I'll snag a blip of free time to create and play. This week, free time came late Thursday evening, just in time to play around with this week's new TLP releases. I managed to get 3 layouts done rather quickly. Love it when that happens! I had a group of pictures from the pool last summer that I wanted to get done. Rather than shove them all on one page, I split them up... each kid gets their own page this time around! You can click on each layout, and it will take you to a post that shows the list of products I used for each page. 

These pictures sorta kinda make me want to go swimming every day.

Friday, June 20, 2014


My sweet friend Valeria (who happens to be the designer behind Little Butterfly Wings) recently lost her sweet poochie. As she was sharing with a small group of us all that her little guy had been through, I was heartbroken for her. It was a nice reminder that, even though my dogs can be MAJOR pains in the neck at times, I'm super glad they're here with me.

To honor her sweet baby, she created an adorable kit. I'm not usually one for theme-y kits and whatnot, but I rather love this one!!  Here's the page I made with it.

And I don't usually do this, but here's a look at the kit she made. If you feel so inclined, go check it out. It's on sale for the weekend, I do believe.

Love my knucklehead puppies! My house is never clean, and they're always into stuff, but I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This week has been a quiet week around here. Sebastian is at gymnastics camp, and Meagan is at horse camp all week. Isaac has had music camp in the mornings to learn to play his violin. And even when he IS home after his music camp, he's the quiet kid of the family anyway. So it is rather peaceful around here.

I've been trying to take this week to get caught up on a few things that have been pushed aside for way too long. And I've been trying to get back into the groove with things I enjoy doing but haven't had much time for lately. Making layouts is high up on that list. Last week I managed to finish my first quarter of 2014 and get my album printed. Having it in hand gives that extra boost of motivation to keep at it. I do find that with less time, but not less photos, my style has shifted more and more towards 'keep it simple and get it done.'

Here's a layout I did for today's Something Old Something New sale at TLP. This is me with my co-workers at the school. We all have our quirks, but I love these ladies. It's great to work with people you can call friends.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I love this guy. Fourteen years ago today, I met him at the end of the isle and said yes. And while he'll probably kill me for posting this goofy picture of us, I love that we are goofy together. He makes me smile, when he doesn't make me want to scream. Happy anniversary, Lucas!  Love, Me

Monday, March 31, 2014

I swear something is missing

As I checked in on my long lost, very neglected blog, I noticed that I have only ONE post in 2014. Can that be right? Certainly I've posted something else, haven't I? Maybe not.

I think what has happened over time is that facebook has taken over. Sadly. It's just, quite frankly, SO much faster than blogging as a means of communication. And perhaps, far less meaningful. Free time just doesn't seem to be something I have in spades, and when I do have it, blogging almost NEVER comes to mind as a method of using said free time. 

Today, however, is the first day of Spring Break!! And I have nothing but free time!! True, I do have a list of things to do, but no particular time frame. And I was kind of thinking I would love to get my first quarter of Project Life completely caught up and ready to print! I'm actually close enough that I think I could pull it off in the next few days! 

Guess what else we'll be doing in the next few days?..... Getting a new car! Right after Sebastian was born, we went and got Lucas's truck. Since then, I've gotten an Impala, an Equinox, a piece of poop van, and a Sienna. I'd say this time it's his turn! His truck is showing signs of wear. And it guzzles gas like a champ. So, it's new car time! Hopefully we'll have that taken care of by Wednesday or so.

So what else is going on around here, you ask? Meagan is watching FROZEN on a loop! I am currently listening to Let It Go for about the 200th time in 3 days. I told her she could watch it one time today. She chose to watch it right now. :)  I don't mind. I do love Kristen Bell. She's funny.

And with that, I'm off to be productive - or not - for the day. And just maybe I'll have enough free time to come back this way and breathe a bit of life into this dusty old blog of mine. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Queen City Meet

This past weekend Sebastian had a meet in Cincinnati. It was hosted by Queen City Gymnastics.

He had a great meet! Sadly, we had family members who tried to get there but couldn't due to weather-related traffic issues... they were stuck on the highway for 2 1/2 hours waiting for an accident to be cleared. By the time they got through it, they wouldn't have been able to make it to the meet in time, so they turned around and headed home.

This post is for them... Here's what you missed... the sum total of about 2 minutes of gymnastics that you waited 2 1/2 hours to NOT see. :(

High bar: He actually fell off of this even right at the beginning. His first attempt at casting to handstand didn't work out, and he came back down and let go. This video picks up where he got back up... thankfully the rest of his routine was pretty good. He scored a 9.4 and placed 1st.

P Bars was one of his best!! He scored a 10.8 and placed 1st

Floor... so far this year, this has not been his strong suite. For whatever reason, he just isn't finishing and polishing things on floor like he did last year. Still, a solid routine, if not wowing. He scored a 9.6 and placed 1st.

Pommel horse / Mushroom... his highest score of the day with an 11.2!! He placed 1st.

Rings, he actually took out one of his bonus elements. He said he didn't feel like the transition out of it was smooth enough, and he wanted to keep it clean. Totally respect that. He scored a 9.9 and placed 2nd.

Vault. Better than last week, when he flew forward, took a big step, and put his hands down on the landing. He's still trying to work out the balance between too much power and not enough. He scored a 9.0 and placed 3rd.

All of that adds up to an all-around score of 59.9 and a 1st place all-around trophy! It has been so great to see him progress and advance through the first 3 meets already this season. I love to see his hard work paying off. I've got my Mom Goggles on, for sure, but I think this kid is pretty amazing, and I am beyond proud of him!!