Monday, January 27, 2014

Queen City Meet

This past weekend Sebastian had a meet in Cincinnati. It was hosted by Queen City Gymnastics.

He had a great meet! Sadly, we had family members who tried to get there but couldn't due to weather-related traffic issues... they were stuck on the highway for 2 1/2 hours waiting for an accident to be cleared. By the time they got through it, they wouldn't have been able to make it to the meet in time, so they turned around and headed home.

This post is for them... Here's what you missed... the sum total of about 2 minutes of gymnastics that you waited 2 1/2 hours to NOT see. :(

High bar: He actually fell off of this even right at the beginning. His first attempt at casting to handstand didn't work out, and he came back down and let go. This video picks up where he got back up... thankfully the rest of his routine was pretty good. He scored a 9.4 and placed 1st.

P Bars was one of his best!! He scored a 10.8 and placed 1st

Floor... so far this year, this has not been his strong suite. For whatever reason, he just isn't finishing and polishing things on floor like he did last year. Still, a solid routine, if not wowing. He scored a 9.6 and placed 1st.

Pommel horse / Mushroom... his highest score of the day with an 11.2!! He placed 1st.

Rings, he actually took out one of his bonus elements. He said he didn't feel like the transition out of it was smooth enough, and he wanted to keep it clean. Totally respect that. He scored a 9.9 and placed 2nd.

Vault. Better than last week, when he flew forward, took a big step, and put his hands down on the landing. He's still trying to work out the balance between too much power and not enough. He scored a 9.0 and placed 3rd.

All of that adds up to an all-around score of 59.9 and a 1st place all-around trophy! It has been so great to see him progress and advance through the first 3 meets already this season. I love to see his hard work paying off. I've got my Mom Goggles on, for sure, but I think this kid is pretty amazing, and I am beyond proud of him!!

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