Friday, October 31, 2014

Layout Dump

There are tons of layouts I haven't shared on here... let's be honest, there are tons of everything I haven't shared on here. I won't drown you in them by posting every one I've skipped.... but I WILL share the recent ones. I have done a few in the past few weeks. Plus, today is a HUGE new release day at The Lilypad, and I actually had time to get some pages done. So here goes... 

I'm still working on my Project Life for 2014, although I've fallen WAY behind! I currently do not have a strategy for catching up, but we'll see what I can pull off... I've been trying to do an intro page for the start of each month, showing our current fave's and habits and activities. It's been fun to look back at them as time passes. This is one thing I'm definitely glad I started and stuck with!

And to get in the Halloween mood, here's a page from last year's festivities! Meagan was the only one to dress up last year (as she will be this year... the boys are going to hang out and pass out candy with our neighbors). Since it was just her, I took the liberty of girlying up the page a wee bit. :)

Here's a page I did with a Halloween kit that has nothing to do with the holiday. I had these pics of Dubby from last fall... He would just lay in front of the open door and soak up the sunshine. Sadly, now he is a bit too neurotic to enjoy this activity, as he feels he needs to bark at everything that moves outside. *sigh*

Part of my falling behind this year has meant that I have failed to do much of anything with our birthday pics... until now. This week a perfect birthday kit is being released at TLP, so I took advantage of the chance to get at least a few pics into the album.

Also from Meg's birthday this year... a 1-on-1 back yard lacrosse game.

And finally, last Sunday Meagan and I took a bike ride to the park nearby. We stopped and played on the playground for a bit before riding home. It was perfect weather, with bright blue skies and falling leaves. And Mommy-Meagan time... it doesn't get much better!

It's a 2-page spread. Here's the left:

And the right:

and the spread:

Okay, that's it for now. Have a great day!!! 


Happy Halloween!!  I have big plans for the day! Other than going into the office to grab my open house flyers and talk with my manager for a few minutes, today is going to be a day "off" (if there really is such a thing?). I have to finish our Halloween decorations, since I still have them half done and in boxes... but I promised Meagan we would decorate, and I'm going to keep my promise.
Tonight is trick-or-treat. Meg's good friend from school is coming over to go out with us. Then tomorrow, she and her family pack up and move to Cleveland. I know Meagan is going to miss her like CRAZY!! But the girls are so looking forward to getting to be together this evening! I'm so thankful they're going to have that time to play and have fun and make memories. Guarantee I will be taking pictures! :)

Also in the plans today, get my house clean! It has been sadly neglected, and I can't take it anymore! I'm not aiming for perfection, but sanity would be nice.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, however you choose to spend it! Stay safe! Have fun! Love and enjoy the people you're with! I'll be back with pictures. (Really. I really need / want to get back into the habit of blogging... it's been REALLY pitiful for way too long!)