Friday, June 29, 2007

Glimpse of the future

I've had a glimpse of the future - all of the schedules, the sports, and activities - YIKES! Today is the first day for me all week that I haven't had somewhere to take someone for daytime or evening activities. This has been a busy week for us! Monday was what ended up being Sebastian's last t-ball game (Wed. was called due to lightening). Tuesday we had story hour in the morning. Then Tuesday night kicked off a 3-day sports camp at church. Sebastian did soccer, and quite enjoyed himself. Each night was 2 1/2 hours long, though, so it pretty much commanded the evenings. But, lots of fun, and well worth the time! I'm looking forward to a bummy day around the house, just catching up on stuff that needs to be done (like laundry for starters! Sebastian told me yesterday that their clothes hamper "reeks" *LOL*). Gonna try to pay bills today. Maybe I'll get some more scrapping done tonight...or sleeping...that sounds good too!

As an update - still no new news on any moving, etc., for those of you who might be wondering. I'll keep you posted.

For now, I'm off to switch the laundry around and figure out what to do next. I'm feeling like there's way more to do than I can get done today, and I sort of struggle to prioritize when I'm feeling like this. So I guess I'm just going to have to pick SOMETHING and DO IT! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Play day

Another busy day in the books! This morning we went to the park for library story hour. Today was sidewalk chalk day, and they got to decorate all the sidewalks all around the park. Then we stayed afterwards and ate lunch with some friends of ours. The kids had a great time playing, and I had a nice little bit of grown-up time (with the occasional interruption) with some of the other moms that I've gotten to know. We left around 1:00 or so. It was so stinking hot today, we just stayed inside for most of the afternoon. But this evening was the first night of Mega Sports Camp at church. It's a free sports camp for kids between 6 and 12. They can choose between soccer, basketball and cheer leading. Sebastian chose soccer. So they were out on the fields for 2 hours (but they had plenty of snacks and drinks for the kids to help them handle the heat). I had Meagan and Isaac with me because Lucas wasn't home from work yet (and actually, it's now 10:30 and he's still not poor guy). Anyway, trying to keep the two of them occupied for 2 1/2 hours was interesting. Towards the end we were in the gymnasium area where they were doing the cheer leading (it was air conditioned in there - soccer and basketball were both we went for watching cheer leading). Meagan had the BEST time! She was imitating all of the big girls, and she was jumping and spinning, and clapping, and whatever else she could think of. It was hysterical, and she drew quite the audience. I must have heard 'oh, she's soooo cute!' at least 50 times. What a little ham! But then when all the kids came back in to have their wrap up time, I was struggling to keep her quiet (well, failing is actually closer to the truth). She wanted to keep running and playing, and wanted nothing to do with sitting quietly and listening and watching. So, the last 20 minutes or so was a juggling act (which I'm quite used to by now, but that still doesn't make it easy). Other than that, though, we all quite enjoyed ourselves.

I took some pictures at the park, but I'm entirely too tired and lazy to do picture stuff tonight...maybe tomorrow if I get a chance. For now, I'm off to shower and go to bed. Later taters!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mother of the Year

Well, one game down, one to go. T-ball tonight was just the kids and me. (Lucas wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home and took it easy.) I hurt my chances of winning the Mother of the Year award by forgetting the water on a 90-degree day. Oops...maybe I'll win next year (LOL)! Again, they pitched to the kids 3 pitches before getting out the tee. Tonight Sebastian didn't have to use the tee at all! His first hit, he hit straight to the first-baseman. But, since there are no outs in their league, it didn't matter. His second hit came on the third pitch, and he hit it almost from the ground. It landed just between pitcher and second base. Not bad. His third hit, he hit on the first pitch and cracked it! He was so proud of himself. And I videoed tonight, but of course was chasing Meagan during his third hit, and so didn't get it on tape. Oh well. Again, hurting my chances for Mother of the Year. Sheesh.

When we got home, we had water and ice cream. Mmmm. Then, the kids and I went outside to play. It was a late night - we were out until 9:45. Then we came in and did bath time, so they were up until after 10:00. That's late for them considering their usually in bed before nine. But it was worth it. The boys played with Sebastian's new Lego kit while Meagan rode every bike/truck/car/anything with wheels she could find. After we cleaned up toys, the kids 'helped' me water the flowers by running through the hose water (at 9:30 at night!). By then, lightening bugs were out, which was a new experience for Meagan. So, of course, we spent the next fifteen minutes chasing, and sometimes catching, lightening bugs. We also saw 2 bunnies travel through our yard, which the kids absolutely loved. It was all I could do to keep Meagan from running after them. It was a good night...I'm hoping the late night pays off with sleeping in tomorrow! (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you - Suzie especially. We made a trip to Target today to pick out birthday stuff with Sebastian's birthday money. All together he had $35. He had originally planned on spending it at Barnes and Noble, but since we were in Target already he decided to just look at the toy aisles. He had a list a mile long of stuff he wanted, but he couldn't decide for sure on anything. He did end up getting one Lego Star Wars kit with the money from Suzie, but he decided to hang on to the rest of it. He found a HUGE Harry Potter Lego kit that he wants to buy, so he's saving his money. It's $90! Only $65 left to by his 8th birthday he'll be able to afford it! LOL!

Out in the Yard

I finished another layout for Grandma's book today. I'm slowly getting caught up on scrapbook projects. These pictures were taken somewhere around 2000, as far as I can guess from comparing to other pictures that were dated. I know yard work pictures aren't the most exciting. But I love that the 2 of them shared these kind of moments together and just enjoyed what they were doing. I guess truly sharing a life with someone is sharing the mundane as well as the monumental. (gush!)

Larger Image


Friday, June 22, 2007

Yin and Yang

Today I learned that one 20-minute bike ride can do amazing things to highlight the contrasts in personalities between Sebastian and Isaac. We started off at the foot of our driveway. Our mission was to ride down our street, head to the road that runs behind our house, and make our way through the parking lots and back. Simple enough. We all started out together (Meagan in tow behind me). Immediately, the differences began to shine through. Sebastian went full speed down the driveway and flew into the road with hardly a glance for cars. Isaac walked his bike to the very foot of the driveway, climbed on, looked two or three times for cars, and then cautiously pulled out onto the road. Sebastian sped as fast as he could down the street, making sure we all knew he was in front - he was the fastest - he was the leader. Isaac pedaled along at his own leisurely pace, content to stay behind or beside me, talking to me and to Meagan through the whole trip. Several times I had to call to Sebastian to come back and be patient - 'You're getting too far ahead,' I would say. Several times I had to look over my shoulder to make sure Isaac was still with me. Once, he had actually stopped to check something out on the side of the road (while Sebastian, of course, was still going full-force ahead of us). As we passed other people, Sebastian sped by them without so much as a glance. Isaac watched everyone we passed, and for those on foot, he would slow down and wave at them until they waved back, making sure to say hello. Isaac noticed several things along the way - certain flowers, birds, bunnies. Sebastian was a blur.

As I was in the bike ride process, I was just trying to stay balanced between Speedy and Poky. But as our ride came to an end, and we were just going around in circles at the end of our road a few times, I realized how very different the two of them are. They are put together in completely different ways for completely different purposes in life. Sometimes difficult for me to balance, or figure out for that matter, but very cool nonetheless.

Falling behind

Well, I feel like I'm falling behind in just about everything at the moment - housework, bookwork, yard work, scrapping, and blogging. We've had lots of stuff going on, and very little time for much more than the basics. I managed to steel enough time last night to finish a layout for one of the creative teams I'm on. I did this layout using Karen Lewis' new 'Out of This World' kit. At the rate I'm going, it feels like it will be forever before I get caught up. Oh well, one thing at a time...starting with this layout, I guess.

Larger Image

the robot shirt. a gift from tina, summer ‘05. size 3T. a wardrobe staple for the past two years. to be worn only with orange mesh shorts, if possible. to be worn as frequently as possible. you absolutely adore this shirt. but now it’s ‘07, and you have outgrown this priceless article of clothing. more than once you tried to convince me it still fit,but, really, it hardly goes over your head anymore. sorry, buddy, the robot shirt has to go. we’ll keep it. i wouldn’t dare part with it for good. but, let’s pack it in a special box with other special things we want to keep. then we can get it out and look at it any time you would like. plus, we’ve got lots of good pictures of you in your coolest shirt ever. i’ll even make a page about it for our scrapbook. how does that sound? good? good. And if we ever find another cool robot shirt in a store, maybe we can get you one.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This n That

Since Lucas moved the computer back down to the basement (at my request - and I love him for it!), I haven't been at the computer much. Maybe because of computer location, or maybe because our lives have been crazy & busy and I just haven't taken the time. Whatever the reason, it's been 4 days since I've posted anything. (oops, sorry).

Well, Monday we had t-ball again. Sebastian actually CAUGHT a ball that was coming straight at his head. He didn't flinch. He didn't just stand there. He actually looked like he knew what he was doing, and he moved his glove to the ball and caught it! Woo hoo! Evidence that some progress is being made! While the game was going on, Isaac and Meagan kind of wandered around, straying a little, but not too far. At one point, I looked over at Isaac, and he was holding hands with a little girl walking through a field of unmowed 'flowers.' This, however, was the same little girl that ran up and kissed Sebastian at the beginning of the t-ball season...I smell trouble! LOL! Seriously, though, it was just harmless friendship hand-holding, but it was funny anyway. What cuties!

Lucas is off seeing the world again without us. He's in our old stomping grounds for training this week. I thought of going with him, but Sebastian would have missed both of his games, and he's already going to miss one next week. So we opted to stay home. So it's been a pretty quiet week with Daddy gone. Last night the kids & I went to dinner at Applebees, where we played a stimulating game of I spy. I swear Isaac could play that game for hours. It makes me think of my grandpa. When we would go visit them when I was little, he and I would sit on the side of their house and play I Spy for what felt like forever. How is it that that game never gets old to a child? How is it that my grandpa had the patience to play it for as long as he did? These are things I may never know the answers to.

Anyway...another game tonight, and maybe a DQ trip afterwards? Maybe. For now, we're going to head next door to go swimming and just take it easy.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

YOU dum dum!

I wouldn't be doing my job as a scrapbooker if I didn't get this documented. This little phrase - 'you dum dum' - has infiltrated every-day life at our house. Meagan (with help from her brothers) latched onto it after watching Night at the Museum. There's this talking statue head that calls everyone dum dum and he (it??) is always wanting gum gum. Well, Meagan's most favorite game in the entire world at present is to point at each of us in turn saying in the cutest little voice 'YOU dum dum.' She entirely expects a rebuttal, and will repeat herself over and over until the accused responds with 'No YOU dum dum.' This game can (and often does) go on for quite some time. It almost ALWAYS shows up for every family meal, and makes frequent appearances at random times throughout every day (along with Little Bunny Foo Foo). Once we were in line at Meijer and she pointed to the man in line behind us and said plain as day, 'YOU dum dum!' I knew what she said. He did not. He looked at me for translation, but I totally played dumb (me dum dum! LOL).
So anyway, the other day we were outside snapping pictures, and I tried to get a few of Meagan. I said, 'Meagan, look at Mommy,' and she looked straight at the camera - perfect little smile...until I pressed the button to take the shot. At that very moment, she snuck it in there - finger pointed straight at me - YOU DUM DUM! This picture is the result. Gotta love her!

Journaling: thank you pop culture. namely 'Night at the Museum.' without you, my sweet 2-year-old would never have learned this fantastic phrase. we would go through every meal in peace, without any finger pointing and name-calling of any type. life would be dull without you...dum dum.'

Friday, June 8, 2007

ix-nay the ig-pay atin-lay

Aw, snap! No more pig latin for secret 'over their heads' talk for Lucas and me. I got busted today! We were discussing giving them back their play station. Lucas had told the boys they had earned it back and he would set it up for them today, but he didn't know where I had put it. So, not wanting to reveal my hiding spot (for future use and all), I told him in pig latin. 'in-ay u-thay oset-clay under-ay y-may ants-pay.' I had hardly finished my last 'ay' when Sebastian chimes in, 'You said it's in the closet under your pants.' Aw snap! Luc looks at me and says 'ix-nay the ig-pay atin-lay.' At least it wasn't a discussion of birthday presents or something like that. And we already can't spell things over his head. What's left?

So, the boys have successfully managed to earn back their play station, and they are happily playing away down in the basement. At least that should give me a good quiet 'nap' time to myself. (wink).

(I moved the kindergarten picture slide shows to the bottom of the blog, in case you're looking for them. I'll leave them up for a while, then I'll probably just post links to them so you can get back to them if you want. They just take up way to much room on here. But I guess grandmas & grandpas and such like to see the pictures, so I'll do it for them!)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Last day of Kindergarten!!

Yesterday was Sebastian's last day of kindergarten! (as I wipe a tear) We started the morning off with pictures outside. We got pictures on his first day, so we may as well get pictures on his last day - to see how much he's changed and grown. I told myself I wouldn't cry - and in the morning, I did fine...until the bus came. I got a little choked up, maybe a little teary eyed. But I wouldn't say I cried.

Nicole was nice enough to watch Meagan and Isaac for me in the afternoon so that I could go spend the day at school with Sebastian. It was their field day, and I just didn't want to miss it. When I walked into the class room, he was super excited to see me. They were all getting ready to head out to the field. We headed out as a class. They were split into groups of about 6 or 7 students each. I followed behind and watched, and I noticed that his teacher always had someone at hand. It didn't matter who it was, but it seemed like everyone wanted a turn at her side, and she was more than willing to oblige. I could tell that, although I'm sure every moment of her job is trying, she does it because she loves those kids. She's a sweet lady.

The first even was the 100 meter dash. At each event station they had a 'hot dog' spray painted on the ground where the kids were to stand and wait when it wasn't their turn. Hot dogs....soooo, Sebastian and two of his friends decided if they were standing on a hot dog, they must be ketchup, mustard, and pickle. Leave it to Sebastian. Anyway...they had several events...

1 - 100m dash, 2 - softball throw, 3- sponge shuttle (a race to transfer sponges from one bucket to another), 4 - mystery game (good ol' golf ball on a spoon relay), **insert potty break here** 5 - obstacle course, 6 - water fill game (boys against girls - boys won), 7 - rest station (Popsicles and tug of war - is that resting?), 8 - soccer challenge (which Sebastian kicked butt at, by the way), 9 - high jump (which Sebastian totally cheated at by first jumping on the mat and then jumping over LOL), 10 - sack race, 11 - tire bowling (no picture of that, but pictures of Sebastian & friends at that station), 12 - big ball race (hysterical), 13 - T-ball blast, 14 - 100 meter hurdles (2x4's on cones LOL), 15 - deep sea dive (get 1 marble at a time out of a little pool and run and put it in a bucket - but I guess that name was too long for their tags).

He had a great day. So did I. He laughed and played and just truly enjoyed the day with his friends, his teacher, and me. It was so worth being there. I am so grateful I was able to go. All day I was doing great - no tears, no sadness, no choking up...good. Then, as his teacher handed out final folders, year books and report cards, she dismissed those whose parents were there. Sebastian put his folder of stuff in his book bag one last time. Then this...

Sebastian: 'Goodbye Mrs. Long. Thank you for being my teacher.'
Mrs. Long: 'Goodbye Sebastian. I'll miss you.'
Sebastian: 'I'll miss you too.'
Mrs. Long: 'Will you remember me tomorrow when you don't have school?'
Sebastian: 'Yes.'
Mrs. Long: 'Will you remember me the next day too?'
Sebastian. 'Yes.'
Mrs. Long: 'Will you remember me this summer while you're playing?'
Sebastian. 'Yes. I will remember you always.'

I turned and faced the wall as tears swelled and ran down my cheek. What a sweet heart that little boy has. How much love he has for those in his life. He will not be little for long. When everything else changes, as it inevitably does, I hope his heart stays the same.

The slide shows above are of his last day. The first slide show is before school. The other 3 are done in order - all of the events that I listed above, pictures of friends, etc. I had too many pictures to fit into one slide show.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rain or Shine

Well, I got my wish...t-ball was rained out yesterday. I just wasn't feelin' it, know what I mean? I wasn't in the mood to haul everyone to the fields to sit in the gloomy, overcast, chilly weather. I was wishing I knew a rain dance or something (LOL) but I didn't end up needing it. It POURED. So, no t-ball. Yippee.

Yesterday afternoon we went on an errand-running trip to the post office (to mail Sebastian's birthday invitations) & the library (to return books - and get new ones). It was NOT raining at that time, and the 2 are pretty close together. So we just walked from one to the other. It was quite an enjoyable outing. It was nice to be out in the fresh air just spending time together. And I had 2 people give compliments - one at the post office and one at the library - about how well behaved the kids were being. (Who, Meagan and Isaac????) That's always nice. It's nice to hear that I haven't screwed them up yet (LOL)!!

Other than that, not much to report. We had a pretty quiet day. I sat down last night and tried to scrap, but ended up on message boards and browsing the internet instead. Oh well. I did put some finishing touches on a page I mostly did about a month ago. I still don't know how I feel about it - I did it off of someone else's layout sketch, and I don't typically work so well with sketches. So, maybe it will grow on me overall. But I love the pictures of the boys. Sebastian was just 3 and Isaac was 1 1/2. Oh, the 'little' days. Where have they gone?

Larger Image

Journaling: Why is it that hard to get one decent picture of the 2 of you? Is it too much to ask for you to both look at the camera at the same time? Just for amoment, could you both sit down? Leave your hats alone? PLEASE!!


Sunday, June 3, 2007


Here's another layout to share. I had a very pink and purple kit to work with. I love the colors & the paper, but didn't have tons in the way of pictures to go with it. So, I started looking through pictures to see if I could find something I've yet to do anything with. I have all of these pictures that have gone unscrapped, but I've looked at them so many times that I now sort of overlook them. Well, I found this picture of Meagan and Carmen at Meagan's first birthday party. I've never scrapped it because Meagan is making a less-than-pleasant face in it. But, I guess it is what it I used it anyway.

Larger Image

Journaling: true, this is not the 'happiest' picture of the 2 of you. but what can you expect after a long afternoon of partying without napping? some day, sooner than we know, the 2 of you will truly be able to enjoy party days!


Saturday, June 2, 2007

House of Flying Daggers

Guess what happens when Daddy falls asleep watching a movie while Mommy is in the basement scrapbooking? The boys watch the still-playing movie and begin to imitate it. Unfortunately the movie was House of Flying Daggers! LOL! So now my boys are flying around the house with swords babbling "hung chu ku do wa" and other nonsense. Occasionally, English will prevail in phrases that sound something like this: "Ow! Mom, he hit me!" or "Isaac, no throwing swords!" The only other sounds heard are giggles and thumps (from jumping and hitting the floor). Next time, hopefully he'll fall asleep to a documentary on sloths or something.

This is Home

I finished this this afternoon. I had taken a bunch of pics of details around our house that are unique to the house because of us for one reason or another - you know, what makes it a home instead of a house. Always living under the threat of a move, I just wanted to make sure I captured the details and special things about each of the homes we live in.

Top left corner: 'We may move a few more times before all is said and done. But homes are not made with houses, but with family and the memories shared. and for now...this is home.'

around the edge: '[our address]; the deck we built Memorial Day '06; Mothers Day flower '07; our Charlie Brown tree; the garden we planted spring '07; landscaping we did when I was 8 mos pregnant '05; JFK rose; clematis; vacation boots with hens and chicks - a gift from the boys '06; birdhouse the boys built with Big Grandpa.'


Friday, June 1, 2007


Yesterday morning, I came downstairs, and the first thing I saw was a note from my husband that said he loves me and he had something for me. Ooooooo, I love surprises! And I LOVE notes from my husband! The day passed as usual. He got home as I was making dinner. He sat down at the computer and started browsing the internet. In the middle of cooking and chasing after the kids, I had forgotten that I had a surprise waiting for me. As I was getting dinner on the table, the doorbell rang. "Stay here," he says. Well, I was curious, but I don't like to ruin surprises, so I stayed. And I stayed. And I stayed. I didn't hear him in the living room anymore. I was starting to wonder if he had left. ??? Finally, although I didn't want to spoil the fun, I peeked in the living room...not there. Hmmm... Then he calls down from the basement, "Come here." How did he sneak past me and get down there so quietly? (Maybe he really is a ninja! LOL) So, I headed down the steps. When I got down there, he took me around the corner and pointed me in the direction of my scrap desk... A NEW WIDE SCREEN MONITOR! My broken 'thermometer' has officially been replaced! Yay! What a great surprise! And I'm proud of him for pulling it off!


I finished another layout last night for Grandma's album. This page took me about 4 tries to get anything I really liked. I only had 2 pictures from 1959, and they had nothing to do with each other. That made it a little difficult to put the layout together. But I guess it turned out okay. No journaling, other than I've 'hand-written (LOL)' the information from the back of the original pictures onto the filing tabs behind the photos in the layout. One is from Thanksgiving '59 and the other is a visit with family.

Larger Picture