Monday, March 31, 2014

I swear something is missing

As I checked in on my long lost, very neglected blog, I noticed that I have only ONE post in 2014. Can that be right? Certainly I've posted something else, haven't I? Maybe not.

I think what has happened over time is that facebook has taken over. Sadly. It's just, quite frankly, SO much faster than blogging as a means of communication. And perhaps, far less meaningful. Free time just doesn't seem to be something I have in spades, and when I do have it, blogging almost NEVER comes to mind as a method of using said free time. 

Today, however, is the first day of Spring Break!! And I have nothing but free time!! True, I do have a list of things to do, but no particular time frame. And I was kind of thinking I would love to get my first quarter of Project Life completely caught up and ready to print! I'm actually close enough that I think I could pull it off in the next few days! 

Guess what else we'll be doing in the next few days?..... Getting a new car! Right after Sebastian was born, we went and got Lucas's truck. Since then, I've gotten an Impala, an Equinox, a piece of poop van, and a Sienna. I'd say this time it's his turn! His truck is showing signs of wear. And it guzzles gas like a champ. So, it's new car time! Hopefully we'll have that taken care of by Wednesday or so.

So what else is going on around here, you ask? Meagan is watching FROZEN on a loop! I am currently listening to Let It Go for about the 200th time in 3 days. I told her she could watch it one time today. She chose to watch it right now. :)  I don't mind. I do love Kristen Bell. She's funny.

And with that, I'm off to be productive - or not - for the day. And just maybe I'll have enough free time to come back this way and breathe a bit of life into this dusty old blog of mine. 


Val said...

I miss you! Don't fall off the blogging bandwagon!

Rebecca H. said...

I think I fell off the wagon and bumped my head. Perhaps I'll get up, brush myself off, and climb back up on the wagon again. I will try - for you, my friend. <3