Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm still here!

No, I did not disappear, although you would never know it from my blog! Sorry for the 18 day delay! Sheesh, what happened to me?! (FYI, the answer is "LIFE happened".)

We've had lots going on. Isaac started ice skating lessons, with the goal of HOCKEY in mind. His first day was Saturday, and then again this Monday. He will practice on Monday's for the next 7 weeks. So far, he really likes it, although the hockey skates have proven to be a bit tricky for learning. I think next Monday we're going to give figure skates a try until he can get the hang of balance and mechanics of skating. I guess figure skates are balanced a lot differently than hockey skates, and are much easier to skate in. Here's hoping for less time sprawled out on the ice! We'll see what Monday brings!

Other than that, Sebastian has been working on finishing his first science project. He was given a diagram of a plant, and he had to make a model of it using things he found around the house. It turned out really well... I'll try to remember to snap a picture of it before we ship it off to school tomorrow.

Friday we have 3 school parties and a costume parade. Then Saturday is Halloween - we are going to try something new this year, and we'll be going to a Light the Night party that our church is doing. We may slip out for a few minutes to take them trick or treating to a few homes around the party site...we'll see what the night brings! Should be fun though!

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