Friday, February 15, 2008

I've been nominated!!

I'm so excited! I've been nominated for Mother-of-the-Year!!! And I owe it all to my wonderful children! Close on the heels of Sebastian's mooning excursion, his sister steps in to drive home the fact that I am worthy of such a nomination.

Yesterday at Nicole's the kids were playing together in the floor, watching TV and just chillin'. In the midst of action, a little boy named Brandon rolled over and smashed Meagan's already-purple thumb - you know, the one she's still not using since she had it shut in the door by her big brother. So she yells at this little boy with all her might, "You stupid idiot! Get off my thumb!" Nicole said she had to turn away to keep from laughing. When she regained composure, she turned back to Meagan and said, "Meagan, that's not a nice thing to say." Meagan's response to that, "Well, Cole, he shouldn't have got on my thumb!"

Nice. I'm fully expecting to win this award. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.

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