Thursday, October 18, 2012

weeks 39 and 40

I'm still hanging in there, trying to pull off some sort of Project Life for 2012. I'm weeks and weeks behind, but I'm not giving up!

I've decided to do the most recent stuff and try to find time to work back to the weeks I've missed. Maybe I'll never get back to them, but hopefully I will. Anyway, I've managed to get something together for weeks 39 and 40. For 39 I barely had enough photos and stories to fill up one 12x12 page, so I deviated from my 2-page-spread format for that week. I have a feeling I'll do that quite a bit as I go back and fill in weeks I've missed... sometimes life gets pretty repetitive, and I forget to take time to photograph or document it. And sometimes I just don't have my camera handy. So it is what it is.

Week 39:

Week 40:

left page close-up:

right side close-up:


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