Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wow, a lot has happened since I last posted! The biggest thing is that we got our puppy!!! And he is SO cute! We went last Saturday (so over a week ago - September 29th) to pick him up, and since then, we've been adjusting to life with a puppy - working on teaching him lots and lots of new stuff! So far he's doing great, and we all just love him!

He's sleeping in his crate with no issues. He's sleeping through the night. And he (most of the time) comes when we call him, which is nice because he can be off-leash out in the yard... love that! And he's such a lover... LOVES to be with his people... hates NOT being with his people. In fact, he considers himself to be a lap dog. This is fine for now, since he is still small enough to fit on laps. If, however, he still believes he's a lap dog when he weighs 80 pounds, we may have some issues. :)

Check this out... this was how we spent Saturday night watching the Notre Dame vs. Miami game...

And this is Dublin on Isaac's lap while the boys played Play Station.

So, yeah, needless to say, it's pretty hard to resist letting this sweet little guy curl up on your lap... maybe some day we will regret this... or maybe not.

Also last Saturday (same day as puppy day), Meagan hurt her knee pretty badly at Isaac's football game. She was playing on the playground during the game, and flew off of the merry-go-round. When she landed, her leg bent the wrong way...*shiver*  A trip to the ER, X-Rays, and a follow-up with her orthopedic specialist all concluded that nothing was broken or torn. Just really really really sore. She spent the entire week on crutches (Isaac's from a few years ago when he broke his ankle). In fact, Sunday - 2 days ago - was the first time she walked on it at all since the injury happened. She's been off the crutches since then, and every day gets a little stronger on it! Mid-week last week, when she was feeling super discouraged, thinking she would never be done with crutches, I gave her a little incentive... I told her that once she was off the crutches and back to walking on her own, we would all go get custard from Culver's.

And so, today, her 3rd day of no crutches, we followed through on that. And what a great day for it! The flavor of the day was Twix Mix! Mmmmmmm......


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