Thursday, September 27, 2012

Picture Day Drama

Is it really Thursday? Because it feels like a Monday to me.

Today is school picture day for Isaac and Meagan. Can you say cluster? Seriously. First off, Meagan couldn't even FIND her order form, so I had one form to work with for two kids. Hmmm... Then, I was scrambling around this morning trying to get my order figured out (which was totally my fault - meant to do it last night and completely forgot). THEN I paid online and paid the WRONG amount. So I had to call the company to correct my payment amount. In the meantime, the bus came, and Isaac walked off without his order form. *sigh* I hurried up and showered and ran over to the school to get a form filled out for Meagan and drop off Isaac's. And of course, no one was in Isaac's classroom when I got there because they had already left for their first special of the day. So I walked back to the other end of the school and dropped the form off with the photographer... which should work out fine, except for the fact that Isaac doesn't know about it and will very likely be in freak out mode by the time he gets down there for his pictures. I did email his teacher, in the off chance that she checks her email, so she can tell him that it's taken care of. So maybe he won't worry. But only if she checks her email. 


Can I go back to bed and start over? 

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