Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today is Tuesday

The wet weather has brought the spiders out for sure! This morning, there was a huge, and rather beautiful, spider web stretched across the entry of our deck.

Check out the detail in this thing!! It's like the perfect Halloween decoration. The spider that was hanging out in this sucker was large and in charge... a bit creepy really.

 I did tell him (her?) job well done on the handy work... too bad the thing has to come down! I was pretty relieved when I got home from work to find that it had blown away, so I didn't have to knock it down.  I'm curious to see if it comes back tomorrow!

I went to the grocery today between putting the kids on the bus and heading to school for recess... speed grocery shopping should be an Olympic event! Who's with me?!

I've been looking for rainbow twizzlers for a while and haven't been able to find them... but today... success!!!  This was a surprise for after-school snack (along with a healthy snack of mixed nuts and apple slices).
Aren't they pretty?? The rainbow colors make me happy!


Meagan's art work... this is Lilly... I think her cat drawing skills have come a long way!

Tonight Lucas is stuck at work working on a project, and I have a meeting... which means... I get to take the kids to the meeting with me! Joy of joys! I'm sure we're all pretty excited about it! Such is life. We move on.


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