Friday, September 21, 2012

Layout Upload

Once again, I've fallen behind in getting things posted in a timely manner. I really need to work on being not-so-busy and not-so-tired-when-I'm-not-so-busy.

It's been a busy week for the designers I create for, and I've spent what little bit of free time I have had trying to keep up on layouts. Three to share with you this week.

Pumpkin Loot
These photos were taken last October (2011) on the train headed home from the pumpkin patch.

So Happy Together
These pictures are just some quick snapshots of the kids and a friend playing outside in our back yard. 

Close Encounter
One of the unique things about our town is that it has an old railroad track that runs right through the center of one of the downtown streets. Apparently, as the train line became more and more obsolete *insert sad face* the town built up around it with little regard to the location of the train track. Now the line is only used by the Transportation Museum when they run train excursions (like our pumpkin patch train ride in the photos above) or when they use it to transport people into downtown Indy for the State Fair and such. So, typically, this track is inactive, and we all ignore it. Well, the other day, we were all in the van on the way home. As we were sitting at the stop light, we saw this big ol' engine headed straight for us. Literally, the thing passed within mere inches of our van, and the whole train just hauled itself parallel to the cars that were sitting at the light. It was kind of a cool experience, as it's not one I've ever had before. 


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