Tuesday, September 25, 2012

*Puppy Eyes*

This Saturday, we are taking a family road trip to the Cincinnati area to pick up this little guy:

We've been talking for a while now about getting a dog, and we had narrowed it down to either English Bulldog or Weimaraner. The fact that English Bulldogs are over $1,000 on a cheap day made it even easier to narrow it down to Weimaraner as the breed to look for. So, I started looking. Every now and then I would do a quick internet search to see what I could see. Well, two days ago I found a breeder close by that  was expecting a litter in November. The price was pretty high for them, though, but we were still seriously considering it because the location was so close to us. The only problem was, we would have to wait until New Year's Eve to actually get the dog. And after Sunday night, with Meagan unable to sleep until close to 10:30 because she was drawing pictures of her with the puppy and writing lists of names for the puppy, it quickly became clear that waiting 3 months would prove challenging at best.

So yesterday I did an Ohio search. I figured, we have family in Ohio, we could make a trip, right? Well.... I found a litter that is near Cincinnati and ready to go THIS WEEKEND! Perfect!! Plus the price was WAY more appealing than our other option.  Still full-blood, kennel certified with papers and such. I called the kennel, and within a few hours had this cute little guy reserved for us!

The kids (and Lucas and I) are SO excited! We can't seem to come up with a name quite yet, but maybe we'll think of something when we meet him.

Between now and then, we have to buy puppy supplies, and the kids need to get LOTS of little toys up off of the floor. But by Saturday, we should be prepared (or at least believe ourselves to be prepared) to bring this little guy home with us!


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