Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another random Tuesday post

Besides the flip flop story, I have a few random things I thought I'd share with you.

Remember my spider web I showed you last week? Well. The web came back the next day in the same place. And the next, but got washed away by the wind and rain. So apparently this guy decided he needed to move closer to shelter... like build his dang web RIGHT across our back door. Literally, if I would have walked outside, I would have been tangled in his crazy web! It was HUGE! He had it stretched from the light on the house to the top of the door frame to the bench off to the other side of the door. And then he just perched there in the middle of the whole huge configuration, no doubt laughing at me for having me trapped in my own house. Seriously not cool. But Lucas refuses to kill the thing because he says the spider has earned the right to guard our door. Whatever. That's what dumb boys say. Smart girls say, get rid of the dumb thing because it's big enough to eat me, and it's blocking my door!!!  Aaaah!


Well, my mom came to watch Isaac's football game on Saturday, but it ended up being canceled due to all the rain. Instead, we stayed and watched Meagan's dance practice. I guess she's getting a little better than the last time I watched, but seriously, grace and artistic expression really aren't this girl's forte. She is more of a full-force, head-on battering ram. True story.

Still, she seemed to be having fun. And trying. That's the important part, right? Ha! Still, I caught her in all her glory. See what the wall of mirrors is good for?..... making beautiful faces, of course! This is definitely more her style!


At the end, they got scarves and got to run around and "dance" however they wanted. I'm pretty sure free-style is her favorite part of the class. Notice how everyone else in the picture is all together and she's off doing her own thing? Yep, that's my girl.
Okay, so I mentioned Home Depot in the flip flop story. Here's why... we traded in credit card points that have been accumulating for a while and got some HD cards. Then used them to buy tile for our kitchen. The tiles have been sitting in the floor for about a month now, and for who-knows-what reason, Lucas got a fire under his butt and decided that Sunday afternoon would be the perfect time to hang the tile. Um, okay. So we did. We got through one wall. Wanna see??

We still have to do the wall on the other side of the counter (see there, on the right, how the counter wraps around... that's a whole other wall that needs tile still). But this is what it looks like so far. I like it muy much! Much better than builder-white walls, no?  We're thinking maybe this evening we'll try to knock out wall #2 and then maybe grout on Thursday or something? We'll see.

Okay, off to the rest of my day now. Have a lovely one yourself! I'll try to get back again soon!


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