Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Sebastian was invited to a birthday party this evening from 6:00 - 8:00 at an indoor trampoline park. Right after a 2-hour gymnastics practice. Can you pretty much guess how that birthday party went for him? He LOOOOVVVED it! His brain never turned off the gymnastics mode, so he went straight from the gym to a giant trampoline park... this is like heaven on earth for my child.

When he got home, I asked him if he had a good time (duh). He said, "Oh yea!! I worked on my front pike kick out full. I would have done double fronts into the pit, but the place has a No Double Flips Rule" (said in his best 'that's really dumb' voice). Um, okay. Good job on the pike blah blah blah. And I'm thinking there might be a decent reason that the trampoline place full of children has a no double flips rule. Maybe?  But I'm glad it was fun all the same. No go get a shower and do your homework!!  ;)


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