Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Updates

So far so great with the school year!!  The kids have all had a fantastic first 'week' and are excited about the year! Meagan has a few good friends in her class. And she has been invited to participate in accelerated math this year. She's pumped about that!

Isaac really likes his teacher, and has more than a few familiar faces in his class as well. Plus, he has a class pet - a big fat guinea pig named Daisy. So he's happy!

Sebastian has two teachers this year instead of one... so he will be switching classes... not counting his special classes like strings and computer lab. Plus, he has already taken the cello to school and has strings every day. He has a place to keep it at school during the week, and will bring it home to practice on the weekends (which means it looks like I will be picking him up on Friday's).

Last night Meagan lost her 2nd tooth ever. I've told you before, we don't really do the tooth fairy around here. For the past few years, whenever the boys have lost a tooth, I pay them a dollar to go throw it in the trash. Yep, I'm that kind of mom. So, we did the tooth fairy for Meagan's first tooth, but I told her from now on, she will just throw it away like the boys do. Well, last night she worked and worked and worked (and cried a lot in between all that working) to get her tooth out. When it finally came out, she asked me if she could put it under the pillow... I told her no, just to throw it away. I also told her I would have to go to the bank in the morning to get money because I didn't actually have a dollar to give her last night.  Not happy with the answer, she went to find her daddy, and apparently busted out the Puss in Boots eyes on him. So he told her to put it under her pillow. You can just imagine, she was pretty excited!! She wrapped it up in a tissue and carefully laid it under the pillow. She even wrote a little note and drew a picture for the tooth fairy, who, by the way, she has named Tina.  The problem is, now I HAVE to scrounge up a dollar somewhere because her dad can't resist the Puss Eyes. *eye roll*  So yes, I won Mother of the Year accolades by taking a dollar out of the kids GIVING jars (yep, stealing out of the giving money... there's gotta be a whole lot not right about that) to stick under her pillow!

And tonight was Meagan's first ever 4-hour practice. I wasn't sure what to expect... after a full day of school, practice from 4:00 to 8:00 with no dinner could prove to be her undoing. Surprisingly, when 8:00 rolled around, she was in a great mood! Cheerful and happy and chatty, not at all what I was expecting. She was even excited that she had gotten two new skills at practice tonight that she had not previously done on her own (a back walkover and a shoot-through on bars).

And then.

The drama busted out of its cage some time around 9:15. She TRIED to show her dad her back walkover, but was too tired, and plopped down on her noggin. Not good. I'm sure it hurt, but I don't think that was her biggest trigger as much as embarrassment and frustration. Oh. My. Word. Did the drama ever start flying! She cried. I told her she could just show him tomorrow when she wasn't so tired. She then began rambling off this whole string of irrational thoughts full of extremes and absolutes like you would not believe!! "I'll NEVER have a time that I can show him! He'll NEVER see me do a good back walkover because I don't do them in meets! I ALWAYS lose my concentration and mess up!" And on. And on. And on. Seriously.

I gave her an ice pack for her head. Then put her in bed. That was one tired seven year old. So maybe the 4-hour practice schedule is going to take some getting used to.

And that's it for my random bits of info and updates. Tomorrow is another sport-filled day of dance, a football game, and state gymnastics clinics for Bas, so I'm off to lay down and read until I fall asleep.


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Val said...

I love you. You are a fabulous mom! Squeeze your crew until they can't breathe and tell them it's from Carrie and I!