Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last Day of Summer

I'll be honest. For the last few days, I've been longing for this moment. The moment when I officially tuck my kids into bed for the last time on Summer Break. Tomorrow is the triumphant return to school (followed by a quiet mommy moment of basking in the silence... no, seriously).  Sebastian's bus will be here around 7:10. Early. Then the other 2 will roll out around 8:10. Good stuff.

This morning I had a work meeting, so my new but amazingly dear friend Jessica brought her 3 boys over to our house and stayed with our kiddos while I went to work. Yes, the first day of school also marks the return to being responsible for 200 kids at a time on the playground. Good stuff. I'm ready for it!

After friends disbursed, we headed to Payless for gym shoes, which had totally fallen off the radar until today. Just never really even crossed my mind until I read through a little welcome note that we had gotten from one of the kids' teachers. Yep, I guess they DO need shoes for gym class. Right. So we went and go some.

Then Lucas decided we should let the kids choose a place to go out to eat for their last Summer dinner. It took them quite a while to come to a consensus, but they managed. And what did they decide on?  Wait for it...... Applebee's. Yep. Of all the possibilities, they went with Applebee's. This is what happens when you let the kids choose. Ha!

After dinner, Lucas buzzed the boys' heads so they didn't go to school with shaggy heads. We got all the school supplies sorted and stuffed into the appropriate book bags. Got the first-day clothes picked out. Everything ready to go.

Now here's the problem...
THIS is bedtime. It's glowing in her room it's still so bright outside.
Yep, this is what 8:30 looks like right now. So, the only real solution is to let them lay in bed and read until darkness falls. She did eventually get up and wander downstairs, so I let her help me pack her lunch for tomorrow. That seemed to make her beyond happy, and she went back to bed feeling rather satisfied.  Here's what's on the menu for Meagan tomorrow:

PBJ, kiwi, apples, cheese, cherry tomatoes from our garden, mini grahams, and a mini york peppermint patty. We only had 3 tomatoes left. They look a little lonely in there, don't they?

So I'm off to finish up the last load of laundry for the night, and make sure everyone's things are in place, and set my alarm... and my back up alarm... and maybe one more for good measure... because I'm not so good at mornings... at all. 


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