Sunday, February 17, 2013

We Love a Long Weekend!!

Long weekend?! Yes, please!
This weekend is much the same as many others we've had recently, with one big difference... we get Monday off!! Recovery day! Sa-weet!

Yesterday was pretty typical for a Saturday, with practices in the morning. After gymnastics, we did some browse shopping... Uncle Bill's (no tempting puppies this time), Lowe's (I have a to-do list a mile long), and Meijer (because I actually needed some groceries... boo for grocery shopping on Saturday).

We did do one fun thing that we haven't done so much lately. We had ourselves a family movie night! Love that tradition! Last night we watched Here Comes the Boom! And we laughed. A lot. Good fun movie!!

This morning, we all forced ourselves out of bed e.a.r.l.y so we could get to Sebastian's meet on time. He had another great day! He placed 2nd on high bar, 1st on all other events, and 1st all-around. But the cooler thing was that he was brave enough to put a new bonus element into his floor routine - a handstand pirouette that has plagued him all year! But today, he totally owned that pirouette! And he did great on floor! I was proud of him for going for it! He told us afterwards that he is planning on trying flares on mushroom at his next week (which is another bonus move he's been working all year but has never competed). So happy to see him getting bolder! Love it!

So this afternoon, I think we're going to lay low... maybe do some laundry, watch some hockey, take a nap (at least that is on MY list of things to do... not sure about anyone else). Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and your long weekend! I know we will!

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Val said...

Congrats to Sebastian! Yippie!

Scott and I thought Here Comes the Boom was great. The kids have only seen the trailer, but WE enjoyed it a lot! =) I love that we have the same taste in movies, hehe!