Sunday, March 31, 2013


It's been well over a month since I last blogged. I've determined that facebook has pushed and shoved its way into my free time, and has attempted to replace my blog. BUT. I started my blog because it's much more personal and valuable to me than a quick blurb on facebook could ever be. And I don't want to lose sight of that. That being said, here is the start of my efforts to breathe life back into the blog that has been neglected for too long.

So let me start by saying HAPPY EASTER! My favorite holiday of the year! I love and am humbled by the reason we celebrate this holiday. Love.

This morning we got up and went to the early church service, then had a brunch made of omelets (and scrambled eggs for Bas), cinnamon rolls, and croissants. Good stuff.

I admit, my OCD kicked in this morning, and I felt the need to do a quick, all-inclusive clean-up of our main floor. I had just had enough of the random piles and clutter. My brain can't take clutter. I NEED CLEAN and clear to feel relaxed and de-stressed. My family graciously obliged, picking up the random stuff, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors quickly while I made lunch. Happy sigh at the end of it all. A clean house makes me feel happy.

With cleaning and eating out of the way, we moved on to more important matters... Easter baskets and egg hunts. Thankfully the sun came out by the time we were ready for all of that, so we were able to hide eggs outside.

Of course, the kids colored eggs... they did this last night so that we could hide them today. They turned out pretty! And I love that they do pretty much the whole thing themselves now, including clean-up!

They left us notes to make sure we hid the eggs really well... that's all the encouragement Lucas needed. Under the truck body, in the muffler, on the ceiling of the garage, on the bike seat that's hanging from the ceiling of the garage. We had eggs in holes in the garden, eggs in downspouts and light fixtures, and eggs up the tree. We ended up having to play quite a bit of hot and cold for them to finally find all of them, but it was fun hunting!!  

Of course, we had to do the baskets before the hunting could ensue... they had to get them emptied out so they had somewhere to put the eggs!  Here's Dublin's Easter goodies... the Tuffies tennis ball is HARD. I'm hoping maybe it will hold up to his monster jaws and dagger teeth better than the last ones we bought. And he L.O.V.E.D. the Busy Bones. Good buy.

 Kids' baskets... not a whole lot in them. Part of their gifts were new socks & undies, which I gave them the other day out of necessity. Part of their gift we ordered online yesterday after letting them pick out what they wanted. So the baskets were basically just candy. Funny, though, we had no complaints!!

In fact, quite the opposite... love the reactions!!

So, out we went to find the hidden eggs. Of course, I wouldn't be doing my mommy job if I didn't get at least one photo of all 3 of them together.

Why are they turning over rocks?? Well, that would be because their dad hides eggs under rocks. True story. Actually, the very first egg was hidden under one of our stepping stone, which Meagan proceeded to  step on, thus squishing the egg and making it a Dubby treat. 

She was so proud of herself for finding some of Daddy's tricky hiding spots in the garage!

I was really just trying to photograph the egg under the tree, but I ended up getting Meg's precious little feet in the background. I love that.

And look who got busted with Easter basket grass hanging from his mouth! Haaa! He had a grand ol' time trying to snag the eggs that the kids were finding! He was successful a few times actually. Happy puppy!

Sebastian was the last one to find all of his eggs. He looked everywhere he could think of, and eventually stood on the back of the truck for a birds-eye view (?). Goofball! He did eventually find them all, but we had to give quite a few hints!

How can this not make you smile?! And look, Dubby's busted again, with his nose up on the table scouting out the candy stash.

To round out our Easter afternoon, Lucas and I took a trip to the Chevy lot to drool over a Camaro or two. And then a quick trip to Home Depot, because it seems lately we are always needing something or other from there. Today it was hardware to fix our pantry closet doors, and floor cleaner. The kids played a little Minecraft and are now playing outside. I'm thinking later we'll walk Dublin down to the woods to play, and then we have a ham dinner planned. Should be a pretty chill afternoon. And then tonight is the Game of Thrones season premier, which I am very much looking forward to.



Val said...

I have always loved you, but even more so now that you are a GoT fan. ;) Kindred spirit.

Love the egg under the tree with M's feet running the other way. It reminds me of the 3191 website photos.

Hug everyone for me. We miss you guys. And send a good recipe for cherry chip cake- we haven't tried that yet either!

Rebecca H. said...

had never been to the 3191 web site until you mentioned it here, but i'm glad you did! great photography of everyday goodness.