Thursday, May 30, 2013

Picky Eater (???)

Two days ago, I noticed that Dublin's food bowl was full. And had been full for several hours. Odd? A little. But I thought maybe it was the heat, and he would just eat in the cooler hours. Well, night came and went, and the food still sat there in the bowl. Surely he would eat in the morning then, right? Nope. Morning came and went as well. And not only would he not eat, but he was actually spitting the food back out. I tried to get him to eat from my hand (because at this point I was a little worried... Weims have tummy issues as it is.  Combine that with being a large breed and running the risk of turning the stomach if they romp while their stomachs are too full...) and he would take it and drop it right back down on the floor. So I tried a treat. He would either not take it at all, or he would spit it out, much like the food. At this point, I had this nagging little something in the back of my head wondering if something was really wrong. 

One more little experiment to try before deciding there was a big issue... 

I took a tiny piece of Isaac's breakfast sandwich (turkey, cheese, croissant) and offered that to Dublin. He not only took it and swallowed it, but he followed me around begging for more. 

Hmmmmm..... what we have here is a case of a picky eater!! I don't think (although who knows what the kids do when I'm not looking) we feed him much in the way of people food. Not intentionally anyhow. But the counter surfing and dumpster diving must have given him a taste of what he's missing, and he thought he could shun the puppy food in favor of the people stuff. 

Not gonna happen. 

I told the kids right away not to give him ANYTHING but puppy food. He will eventually get hungry enough to eat what is being offered to him. 

He held out all morning. And much of the afternoon. But by about 4:00, he finally gave in and started nibbling at his food. I noticed, though, that he was still taking the food out of the bowl, dropping it on the floor, and then picking it back up to eat it. Well, over the weekend I had gotten him a food bowl thing that stands about a foot off the ground (to keep the ants out, and also because I guess it's supposed to be better for them to eat this way??). Apparently, though, he is not a fan of elevated food, because when I put the bowl down on the floor, he chowed!! Empty bowl. Full puppy. No issues. Just a picky picky eater. 

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