Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sweet Pick

This is what we did today...

We picked strawberries at a local farm. We drive by this farm every single time we go to or from the gym (which is a lot), and we noticed they had their strawberry sign out... which means it's picking season!! This was something we had wanted to do last year, but we missed the picking season. We ended up getting our berries already-picked from their store. Delicious, yes, but without the experience of picking them ourselves. But we didn't miss it this year!! And it really didn't take us long to pick 6 1/2 pounds of berries! I'm planning on at least one strawberry pie. I'll also freeze some for smoothies. And we'll use some to make homemade strawberry lemonade. All good stuff!

What else did we do on this lovely day to celebrate fathers??  We went 'window shopping' for a new car and a new puppy. *lol* Interesting mix, no?  We've been kicking around the idea of a new car for Lucas for a while now, so we took advantage of the Sunday-no-salesmen time to peek in windows and check out price tags. We actually had a bit of success and found something we all agreed on. So we'll see if it leads to anything.

And then we stopped at a local pet store to get a puppy fix... I think Lucas was hoping maybe seeing puppies would satisfy my ongoing longing for another puppy... um, not exactly... it sort of did the opposite. See, the problem with his plan was that they had a sweet little weimy puppy, which only made me want another one all the more. The kids were even offering up all of their saved money to help purchase said puppy. BUT. We walked out empty-handed. For one thing, the puppy - as cute as he was - was grossly overpriced. And secondly, we are getting ready for our vacation - not exactly an ideal time for purchasing a new puppy. *sigh* Logic won out in the end... but I STILL want another one. ;)

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