Thursday, September 12, 2013

Over the river and through the woods...

Lots has happened since my last post (I would hope so, since it's been about a month!). We've gotten a fence in our back yard (which has made the puppies and the kids VERY happy). We've paid for and started the process of Sebastian's braces (*eeep*)! We've had lots and lots of football and soccer and gymnastics and homework.

In the midst of all of the schedules and school work and so forth, we've managed to steal away a few pretty special moments. One of those came on a day when Sebastian had an orthodontist appointment. After his appointment, he and I were the only ones home (the younger 2 weren't home from school yet), and we decided to take the dogs on a walk. Sebastian wanted to go down to the river, so that's where we headed.

By the time we got there, the poor puppies were panting because it was SO HOT outside! So rather than just walking over the bridge that crosses the river, we decided to venture down to the banks to let them cool off! And we all had a BLAST!

I've mentioned before that Dublin isn't exactly the most sure of the water, so I was not expecting the outing to go the way it did. He ended up going into the water (right in the midst of some little rapids, no less) to chase a stick he saw floating by. That venture out into the unknown led to about 30 minutes of romping and playing in the river water. Eventually Sebastian even got in - shoes and all - and played with the puppies... I guess he just couldn't resist the call of the fun and splashing!

Eventually, the three of them had wandered all the way downstream to another little beach on the other side of the water, leaving me on our starting side (because I was not in the mood to wade through the water with the shoes on). I ended up crossing the bridge while they made their way through the woods, and we met up in a clearing on the other side. It was a great afternoon... the kind I wish we had more of!

I only had my cell phone with me for photos. If I would have had any idea things would have gone this way, I would have been more than willing to have carried my good camera along on the walk. Oh well. Bad pictures are better than no pictures at all, right?!

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