Monday, December 16, 2013

first meet under his belt

Yesterday was the first meet of the 2013-2014 season. Leading up to it, Sebastian had been rather tired and worn down all week, even missing practice on Friday and sleeping for hours Friday night to Saturday morning. And now today (Monday... the day after) he is home from school with a stomach bug. Not fun. Still, he showed up yesterday in Champaign, IL excited to compete.

As usual, warm ups were a bit rough, but he seems to be able to pull himself together when it's time to impress the judges. Even still, he would be the first to tell you he could have done better. I think his biggest disappointment was on p-bars. Don't get me wrong... WE weren't disappointed in his p-bars. With my mom goggles on, I thought he looked good! But HE told me that he had not done his best, and he could have done more. We watched the videos of his routines this morning, and he immediately started making plans for what he will focus on in practice this week. That's just who he is - an "I can always get better" kind of kid.

For all of that, his meet results weren't too shabby! He made podium 4 times: 3rd on floor, 1st on pommel horse, 3rd on high bar, and 3rd all around! Great job Bas!

I am seriously SO very proud of how hard this kid works and how much dedication he has to this sport. Justin Spring said yesterday at the meet, "It takes a certain kind of person to make it in gymnastics." Every day that goes by, Sebastian shows more and more of those qualities of that 'certain kind of person.'

So, here's video of his mushroom and pommel routines. WARNING: Turn the volume down!! You can hear me yelling at the end, and let's just say I've never been accused of being quiet!

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