Thursday, December 12, 2013

I love these kids

I seriously love these kids I'm raising. Yes, they each have the ability to push that mom button that only a kid can push. And no, they are not perfect... far from it. But they are pretty amazing.

The other day, Isaac & Meagan were out in the snow playing with each other, so, like any photo-addict would do, I grabbed my camera. Snow pictures are always fun, right? But what I got was so much more. I captured them. Really captured them... who they are and how they are together. I am so beyond blessed that these two are such great friends. They have moments (like the other day at Sebastian's orchestra concert when Meagan had had enough of it all and just kidney punched Isaac for no reason... yes, those kind of moments), but all in all they are true friends. They give willingly. They sacrifice on behalf of the other. They find ways to add kindness and love to each others' day. Seriously. Meagan will write a random note or make a gift for Isaac, and Isaac will help her clean her room when not a single bit of it was his mess to begin with. It's pretty awesome.

So I can't begin to tell you how much I loved these photos the second I saw them! Love! These make a mamma's heart happy.  Plus, like I said, snow pictures are always fun anyway, right?!

Ha ha, by the way... notice how they're on the OTHER side of the fence? Yes, well that's because it snowed on our dog poop before we could clean the yard, so now it's 'walk at your own risk' in the back yard. They're like little (or big is probably more accurate) hidden mines just waiting to explode as soon as they're stepped on... We need a melt-down so that we can clean our yard. Otherwise, our kids will have to play all winter on the outside of the fence. ;)


And since I'm TRYING to keep relatively current on my 2013 Document Your December project, these pictures did  make it onto a layout and into my 2013 album. Here's the page...
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