Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

This is the scene around here today... the kids played Minecraft for a while. Lucas found a movie to watch on Amazon Prime. And I have been knocking out a few weeks in Project Life.  Somewhere in there, I got some Otis Spunkmeyer cookies out of the freezer and baked them up. I pretend like I slaved away to make the delicious cookies, and I bask in the joy of a 2-minute clean-up. Good stuff right there. 

Minecraft world. The kids are playing together, making a village of some sort on our server. They could spend DAYS doing this. Sadly for them, we eventually kicked them off of the computer and sent them outside to play. It's cold, but it's a beautiful day. No reason they can't be running around out there for a bit. 

And who doesn't love warm cookies, fresh from the oven??

I think this is Meagan's cookie crazed face.... not sure?

White chocolate macadamia. Apparently, these are Lucas' favorite? How have I been married to this man for this long and not known that?

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Val said...

Those are SO GOOD. We baked those often at camp for our Friday night picnics. Sometimes during registration on Sundays. 0;) Looks like your clan thinks the same thing the campers do.


Hehe! Love & miss you guys, as always. Glad the storm split around you! Hug them all for us.