Saturday, November 9, 2013

On Probation

This is Arya's world right now. She's on probation.

At puppy class on Thursday, I told our trainer that she had peed on our bed the night before (yes, on my times to wake up to that). He said most of the time, when dogs pee on anything, it's their way of attempting to claim that thing as their own. Well, guess what fellas?! She doesn't get to claim our bed. Not happening!

So, for now, she is on-leash at all times, with her pinch collar for corrections when necessary. She is not allowed on the furniture, and most CERTAINLY not allowed on the bed. Lesson to be learned here - the furniture is OURS, not YOURS.

Dublin, has not, however, lost furniture privileges, as he has NOT peed on anything of the sort. I think he sort of likes being allowed to climb up and sit on a lap or stretch out on the couch, looking down on her while she sprawls out on the only thing available to her at present...the floor. Can dogs gloat? I think he might be. :)

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