Saturday, November 9, 2013

Always playing catch-up

No surprise to myself whatsoever, I am seriously behind on my Project Life for 2013. I started the year out (like I do every year) with hopes that this year would be different - that I would keep up and stay on track. I should just know better. But I keep trying. I've still not given up. I'm plugging along... just much more slowly than I should. 

It's been a small eternity since I've shared my PL with you. So, I figured, since I'm playing catch-up in real life, I could play blog catch-up as well. I DID manage to finish and print my Project Life for the 1st quarter of 2013, and for that I am severely proud of myself! I did start book 2 (April - June), but sure didn't get very far! Wanna see?  I did the first week in the book... week 14... and that's where it ended. 


At the time, it was well into the 3rd quarter, so I decided to switch up and try to get current and stay current on those 3 months instead. Did I succeed? No. Did I do better? Yes. Better. So here's what I have to show for Q3 so far...

Week 27: July 1-7

Week 28: July 8-14

And lots of 'New Puppy' add-ons for the week!!

Then, still in the third quarter, but skipping ahead to the END of the quarter (and working backwards...because sometimes I just do weird things), I have these 2 weeks...

And week 39 (which will be the last week in my book)...

 I know I say this often, but I'm going to say it again... I am NOT giving up on finishing this project!! I think I just need to simplify and get it DONE. I really like the format of my weeks 27 and 28. I'm thinking I might stick with something like that. Maybe, just maybe, if I'm not reinventing the wheel every week, I will save myself some time. Novel idea!!  We'll see how it goes!

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