Sunday, October 20, 2013

Loaded with fun

The weekend! Usually we look forward to it. This weekend, though, has not exactly been loaded with fun.
Yesterday we drove to Ohio for a memorial for my grandfather. He passed away in Florida a few weeks ago, and they held a memorial for him in Springfield, Ohio yesterday afternoon. It was a long day of lots of driving there and back again, with all the fun of a funeral sandwiched in between.

Today Lucas and I loaded up the van FULL of stuff to drop off at Goodwill. I mean full. 3 bikes, a scooter, shelving, 5 bags of clothes, boxes of frames, a hall tree, drawers, 3 bags of books, a big doll house and all the fillings, and at least 10 bags of toys. And a tv. And a suitcase. Full. I must say, it feel SO good to have all of that stuff sorted out and cleared out of here. Insert sigh of relief here.

To make our day even more exciting, in a little bit we are taking the van to get new tires and an alignment. Oh the fun never stops around here I tell ya!!  *lol*  Really, though, it is MUCH needed, and I know we will both feel better while he is traveling if we know that the van has safe and reliable tires. Plus, we are going to try to salvage the time and make it fun, even though new tires usually means a small fortune and a long wait. The place we're going is close to stores, so we're going to walk over to Lowe's and maybe Meijer or Best Buy and kill some time together.

Here's hoping your weekend is loaded with fun! We're trying to make the best of what we have to work with around here.

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