Friday, January 2, 2015

Month of Challenge layouts

When it comes to scrapping, I'm not great at sticking with long-term projects. I fall behind. I get bored doing the same project repeatedly. And I swear my brain is wired to rebel against doing things in chronological order. I don't know. BUT. I always start. I start with good intentions of seeing it through. And I get as far as I can get. I'm okay with that.

So this year is the 3rd year that The Lilypad is hosting a Month of Challenges... 31 challenges - one each day of January. There are prizes involved - some pretty GREAT prizes actually. And everyone who completes all 31 challenges receives a $20 gift certificate to the shop. Good stuff right there!!  So, I decided to give it a try. So far, we're on day 2, and I've gone 2 for 2 on the layouts!! Go me!

Here's what I have so far...

Day 1: Blind scrap. A series of instructions were given, and you have to make the layout based off of those instructions. Pretty simple. Still, it's amazing how very different everyone's layouts have been, even though we've all followed the same set of steps. This is the beauty of art and creativity. Love that. So here's my layout for Day 1.

And Day 2's challenge focused on blending. The challenge was to blend at least 3 distinct layers on a layout. I LOVE blending, and use the technique often, so this was a super fun and easy one for me! On this layout, I blended 2 papers to make the background paper. I blended the paint splatters. I blended the word art that is above and below the photos. I even blended the photos - overlaying black and white photos on top of the colors and applying blending modes to create the final look. Here's my layout...

If you're feeling adventurous, come and join the fun! It's totally worth it for the fun, the friends you'll make, and the fabulous layouts you'll end up with! Plus, who doesn't love prizes!!  You can check out the Month of Challenges forum here to learn more.

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Val said...

Psssst. Where are the rest of them? The challenge is over. How did you do? =)