Thursday, September 3, 2015

Collecting Dust

Sad, but true.
My blog has spent much of 2015 collecting dust.
9 months of dust.
Hope you're not allergic.

This morning, there's a lot running through my mind - from ideas for house projects, to to-do lists for cleaning said house, to thinking about getting a bit more caught up on my albums, to wishing I knew what I was going to make for dinner.

Life has gotten NUTS this year. Fun. And fulfilling. But nuts. Not lots of downtime. Not lots of time for planning and prepping and relaxing. I think my mind and my heart are longing for a bit of simplicity. I love the idea of being able to get up and have a clean house, with all of the projects finished, and have time to try out a new recipe for dinner or bake some cookies that didn't come out of a plastic pouch (just call me Betty). With the world around me moving at a chaotic speed, I think I'm longing for a slower pace and simplicity at the moment. I think it's natural to wish to have control and order in some part of life, if you can't have it everywhere... for me, that sense of order comes from having things squared away in my home.

So, I spent some time poking around Pinterest (the almighty sucker of time and space), looking for some inspiration. I found lots of ideas... and a quote that kindly reminded me that nothing gets done if I don't get off my ass (thank you Pinterest for that). And then I somehow stumbled back across my own blog. Ha! That's some funny least the way I see it. And then I thought, "hmmm, wouldn't it be nice if I actually paid attention to this thing again, since I have found joy and satisfaction in it for so many years?" And thanks to Pinterest's gentle reminder (see previous sentences), I decided that the only way my blog comes back to life is if I bring it back to life.

Step 1: Write a blog post.

So here is me, blowing off the dust...stand back, it's gonna be a big cloud.
Here is me thinking I might just make a point to renew my love of writing and storytelling and photographing and documenting. Not because you all care all that much. But because I enjoy it.

The. End.

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Melissa said...

Blogging, photography, scrap booking (all passions of my own as well) are definitely a lot more fun when they're done for our own enjoyment and not out of a desire to do it for someone else. I've recently let go of all pressure related to these things, and it feels so good!