Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kids' Room Redo

Last Saturday, the kids loaded up in Grandma H.'s van, and headed off for a week(ish) of summer vacation adventure. That left Lucas and I (and the 2 knucklehead dogs) at home twiddling our thumbs (paws?). What to do with all this quiet free time?  I know!! Let's totally gut and redo all 3 bedrooms! Yeef!

To be fair, we had already painted Sebastian's bedroom the weekend prior, so we only had to paint 2 rooms. But still, there was LOTS of gutting and reorganizing and purging to be done. LOTS. Why do my kids have so many stuffed animals? There are some questions in life that can never be answered.

At any rate, we worked hard and painted for HOURS on end. Truthfully, if I don't have to paint anything else for a while, I'll be okay with that. (Sadly, I have projects lined up out the door that require my painting attention... a few days off to rest the hand, and then it's back to work for me).

The kids got home from Grandma & Grandpa's today, and they were seriously excited and surprised! Meagan actually squealed. She's not a squealer. We did tell them that after all the hard work it took us to get all the trash and junk OUT, it was NOT to find its way back IN. We'll see how long that holds out before we're asking them to clean it up again. *sigh* If only theory and reality would line up in real life. *lol*

So here it is... the big reveal...

Sebastian's room:
Yes, it's a very yellow wall. And pretend like his furniture is all sanded and nicely painted a dark brown/black color... that's one of those painting projects that I mentioned a minute ago. This was actually my grandparents' first bedroom suit together when they first got married. When I was in high school, my grandmother redid it for me, and now here it sits in Sebastian's room. It's maybe not the most stylish of colors currently, but it's solid wood... you just can't beat that!

This is the view from the door...

Isaac's room:
Isaac never asks for much. But when we were picking out the colors for his room, he asked for a bright green wall. Um...really? Bright green, huh? Like I said, he never asks for much. If this is a request that means enough to him that he would actually speak up and ask for it, then I guess I can at least TRY to oblige. As it turns out, I really like how it turned out. Yes, it's bold and loud, but it fits him. When he saw it, he was thrilled! He said one of his favorite things about the room was his big green wall. So, no, I will not be painting my own bedroom bright green, but if he's happy, I'm happy!

The view from the doorway...
We moved his bed. I wouldn't normally position a bed so that it blocks the view from the doorway, but this seriously is the best placement for it. It makes the rest of the room feel so much bigger like this.

I think this is my favorite little niche of the room. I love the symmetry. And the books. And that he finally has a shelf to show off HIS trophies (try having a big brother who needs steel braces to support all the darn medals hanging on his wall). Isaac doesn't do sports that involve individual awards, so he really only gets the end-of-season trophies. And still, he has never had a place to display them and be proud of them. Now he does.

It's hard to see, but the sheets have blue, green, and gray stripes on them... that's where the inspiration for the big green wall came from... the green stripes in the sheets. And one lonely green pillow. *lol*

Meagan's room:
Meagan has said for the past year that she wanted to have an ocean room. In her mind, this would include seaweed and mermaids painted on the wall. In my mind....not so much! *ha*  I did my best to really bring a beachy ocean feel to the room without going overboard (and no seaweed!). I LOVE how it turned out! Especially tonight, when we were able to turn the lanterns and candles on, and enjoy the peaceful, quiet magical. I would have loved to have a room like that as a child (I better be careful...if I get started on my childhood room woes I may never stop! *if you only knew*).

The view from the door...
 I had this fishing net from a birthday party we did a few years ago. I still have to work on getting it to hang just right, but this is the gist. And I plan to weave a few seashells in there as well. She needs seashells, which is a concession I am willing to make. We hung the lanterns in the corner using Command Strip clear hinged hooks. We simply stuck the hooks to a flat spot on the ceiling, and hung the lanterns with fishing line. They have battery-operated LED lights in them, so I'm SURE they will be turned on for bedtime! The candle by the fish tail is also an LED candle. And we also have little tea-light LED candles that change color. Fun night lighting going on in this room!!

I found this fish and the glass candle dish at Pier 1. They make me happy. Currently, the fish actually has a broken fin that needs to be soldered back on, but he still looks cute as he is.

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