Friday, July 19, 2013

Lots o' Layouts

The kids were on vacation with their grandparents for a few days, which meant two things... 1) my house stayed clean, and 2) I actually had time to scrap.... yes, even with a new puppy in the house. 

Rather than doing one post for each layout, I'll just dump them all here in one post. 

Ride the Waves... These pictures were from last summer and our days out on the lake in Ohio. 
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Family Snuggle Day... This is an insert for my album. I had a bunch of pictures that I took one day while we were being lazy bums around the house. They aren't stellar photography, but the pictures say a lot about our life and our family. I loved the details that can be pulled from them... like Dublin's frog Pillow Pet on the couch (that he has since dismantled), and the fact that he chewed hangars like bones for quite some time. I also love the fact that these pictures ooze with love and comfort. How can you not love that?! So, great pictures or not, I wanted to make sure they were included in the album.
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Hey Handsome... Another insert page for the album. I had this funny series of photos of Dublin and his football (yet another toy that he has since dismantled). His expressions and playfulness are all over these photos, and I couldn't bear to leave them in some dark dusty corner of my computer files.
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Tacos... Snow day, March 2013... We celebrated the day off of school with lunch at Taco Bell. Just one of those fun moments that build up life's memories.
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Summer Vacation... Just a quick page that I threw together to document our first evening at the cabin on our vacation this year. Roasting marshmallows was on the top of the kids' priority list! And, of course, s'mores!

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