Saturday, July 6, 2013

week 13

Week 13 of 2013 was primarily focused on Easter. But not entirely. There were some other noteworthy events that week as well... like I GOT MY NEW CAMERA!! And we grilled out for the first time this year. And Isaac had a friend over after school. And we made cherry chip cupcakes (and we also made Brussels' Sprouts, but cupcakes are better).

Here's the whole spread....

The left side...

The right side...
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I love the colors and fun pictures from this week. Bright and happy and full of energy! A lot of these were taken with my NEW camera!!  I ended up getting a Nikon D5200. As of yet, I have still not learned how to use manual settings, and would LOVE to someday take a class or two to learn. But the auto settings and scene selections are abundant and can pull off some pretty great photos on their own.

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