Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Full House (for a Tuesday)

Today was lined up to be quite a busy day, scheduled from morning 'til night. Tuesdays are always pretty full anyway, with library, gymnastics and small group all falling on the same day. But today, we added 2 doctors appointments in the mix, with our first one at 9:20 this morning.

Sebastian has had a junky cough for a few weeks now, getting better and then worse and then better again. Well, over the weekend, Meagan developed a crazy cough that was keeping her up at all hours of the night. So, I made an appointment for her this morning, and I thought I'd take Sebastian with me for good measure, just to have him checked.

40 minutes later, we left the doctor's office with 2 prescriptions in hand - one for each child. And our doctor asked me to keep Sebastian home for the rest of the day, so as 'not to spread the plague' (he's a funny guy...LOL). So, rather than dropping Sebastian off at school and heading to story hour, we eliminated story hour altogether, and headed to the chiropractor. I already an appointment for after library, but we went early so she could adjust the kids too.

Now we're back at home, with an extra family member at home with us for the day. They are both laying down for a nap right now. I'm hoping to get a few things accomplished before the afternoon slips away. Hoping that the nap does them good. I'll try to keep you posted.

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