Friday, January 22, 2010

Silly Boys

I FINALLY got my laptop table I've been waiting for! I had asked for one for Christmas, and Lucas got one for me. However, the one he got me had feet that wouldn't fit under the chairs and couches, so we returned it and kept looking. There was one at Wal-Mart I had seen that would work just right, but every time we went to the store, it was out of stock. I mean, I had honestly taken to semi-stalking Wal-Mart. LOL! Finally, after much waiting, and stalking, my persistence was rewarded! They got one in and called me the day it came! I went to Wally World right after work and got my table. Of course, it was then necessary that I try it out that night. So I plopped my back-side on the couch, busted out my new table, and spent the evening making a layout.

Here's my first layout ever created on my new laptop table (LOL).

These pictures are from our family silly string fight back in September.

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