Saturday, January 16, 2010

they all fall down

It happened. It got us. All of us. We all fell victim to the flu garbage that Meagan had early last week. Our week went something like this...

Sunday: Around 11:00 at night, Meagan started getting sick. She was up ALL NIGHT on the hour. No fun.

Monday: Meagan was home from preschool, therefore I was home from work.

Tuesday: I don't work on Tuesday's so I already had the day free to stay home with Meagan and give her some extra recovery time. Although she had slept through the night, Tuesday morning, she started in again. Tuesday afternoon, the school called and said Isaac had gotten sick on the way to gym class. About an hour later, Lucas walked in the door, home from work early. It had gotten him too. Thankfully, we had cancelled small group. Later that night, it hit me as well.

Wednesday: Meagan and Isaac were home from school. Lucas and I were home from work. We sent Sebastian to school. We all laid in bed all day long. By the end of the day, the kids were starting to show signs of feeling better, although they still hadn't eaten any solid foods. Still, though, I was feeling hopeful for being able to send them to school on Thursday. Until... just before bedtime, Sebastian started in. (Are you freakin' kidding me!! Aaaah!)

Thursday: Well, once more, I knew I was going to be missing work (my third and final work day of the week, now gone). Still, I was planning on sending Isaac to school and Meagan to preschool, giving Sebastian quiet resting time, and hopefully giving me a bit of a chance to get some work done. However, after breakfast, just before the bus came, both Isaac and Meagan got sick yet again. Oh for the love! So, the coats came off, and they all grabbed a couch or chair to plop down and rest. So much for a quiet, peaceful house.

Friday: Finally, both boys returned to school. Meagan was doing much better. I was starting to turn around, and Lucas was back to work for the 2nd day. Still buried in laundry and carpets to scrub clean, but heading in the right direction at least.

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