Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2011: week 16

STILL plugging away (slowly) at 2011's Project Life. I'm almost as far on 2012 as I am on 2011 *lol*, but I finally managed to finish week 16. So, here are some photos from nearly a year ago... fun to see what we were doing then I guess... and to see what has changed or stayed the same.

the spread:

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Week 16:
16 - Isaac taught Meagan how to play chess
17 - I finally got my Pier 1 curtains hung up!
18 - Meagan had a picnic in the yard with our neighbor Kaylee
Also today I got my first Vera purse ever *love*
19 - a super rainy day. What else to do but make a blanket fort?
20 - Isaac had gymnastics, & we got party supplies for Meg's birthday
21 - Isaac played dinosaur fighters with the laundry basket. The basket was his shell.

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