Monday, March 12, 2012

State Meet #1

Friday 3/9:
The day before her meet, Meagan was a bit nervous. So we decided to surprise her with this...
It was waiting for her on the kitchen table when she got home from school. Just to make it a fun experience and memory instead of a nerve-wracking one.

And this was the reaction:
See, a few weeks ago (or maybe last week?? I can't keep track anymore!) she went to her friend's birthday party. For the gift, Meagan picked out these 2 little monkeys. But she carried them around with her all afternoon until it was time to wrap them up and take them to the party. So we decided it would be fun to surprise her with her own 2 little monkeys. Can you tell she LOVED them?! :)

Saturday 3/10:
This weekend was Meagan's Level 3 state meet. What an adventure!! Her check-in time was 7:45. We left our house at 6:45... 15 minutes later than we were planning.
We are maybe the last people in the US who do not have a GPS of some sort, so we use mapquest. Until now, this has worked for us. This time, however, it did not work. Not at all.

We made good time getting to where we thought we were going. We would have been there by 7:45ish. ISH. Close enough to check-in time. It would have worked fine. Except. Mapquest ended right in the middle of a residential road. The end. Nothing else to go on. For whatever reason, it decided to change the ending address... it must not have been able to find the one I typed in, so it made up it's own?? Random. Anyway, we ended up finding the address online at USAG Indiana's web site. Lo and behold, we were still a half hour away. Not so good. I called her coach and told her we were on the way... don't scratch Meagan from the meet!!! And then So we drove quickly. And got there at 8:45.

They were just finishing up with march-in and team introductions. The theme of the meet was 'princess ball' and all of her teammates were on the floor with tutu's and tiaras on. Until this point, nothing about our hectic morning had phased her. But when she saw that they all had princess outfits on, she started crying... "I don't have one and I'm going to look dumb!" *eye roll* Stay calm... you've gotten through a morning of pandemonium, you can' handle a wardrobe malfunction. Right? Luckily, though her coaches had been watching for her. They came right over and got her, gave her her very own tutu and tiara, and got her out on the floor. End of crisis. Thankfully she hadn't missed any of the warm-up time for the first event, and there was no more drama after that, so it all worked out!! Yay!!

So here's how it went...

Vault: 8.625, 14th place

Bars: 8.5, 11th place

Beam: 8.65

Floor: 8.375 (yay!!! she scored in the 8's on floor!!), 15th place

All-Around: 34.15, 13th place

She did a fabulous job! We were SO proud of her, especially how she handled herself after all that craziness trying to get there! She stayed calm and had fun, didn't sweat the mistakes, and did the best she could that day. I love that! Couldn't ask for anything more!

(Oh yeah, and she got flowers... 3 carnations for finishing level 3... and she was beside herself! She kept making her friends smell them, saying "smell them, they're real!" I'm glad that she felt special and loved. She deserves that. It WAS the 'princess ball' after all)


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