Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lunch Date

Today Isaac gets to have a special lunch... he gets to go to McDonald's and eat lunch with the principal and 2 of his classmates!

During the last semester, they learned about economics in class. They each applied for jobs they would like to do, and they earned money for doing those jobs. They lost money for fines and infractions such as bad behavior or missed assignments. Then at the beginning of this week, since it's the last week of school, they got to buy things with their money they had earned. Some of the items available were:

  • Sit at the teacher's desk for a day
  • Keep a toy at your desk for a day
  • Have a soft drink with lunch (a VERY popular one, I must say)
  • Lunch with the teacher and 2 friends
  • Lunch with the principal and 2 friends
These were just a few of the things Isaac mentioned to me. I'm sure there were many more. He chose the soft drink for lunch (he had a Sprite on Tuesday, provided by his teacher) and keep a toy at your desk for a day (he took a puffer fish stuffed animal). A friend of his chose lunch with the principal, and invited Isaac has one of his 2 friends to come along!! 

This morning when I was packing Meagan's lunch, she deemed that it's 'not fair' that Isaac gets to go to McDonald's while she is stuck eating pb&j.  We had a little talk about being happy for others when they are blessed in their lives... that everyone gets blessed differently, and just because today is not her 'turn' so to speak, it doesn't mean she can't be happy for her brother because it IS his turn. 

Anyway, I hope he has a ton of fun and feels a little bit extra special today. I'm happy for him!

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