Tuesday, May 1, 2012

random post of the day

This is attempt #2 at this post. If it doesn't work, I might quit blogger. Wordpress is looking better and better every day. This 'new and improved' blogger is a big piece of junk so far. The end.

 Anyway, as i was TRYING to say but the post came out all WONKY and impossible to read.... We're still running around crazy with very little free time. Still running to gymnastics and lacrosse and softball and back to gymnastics again. I am thankful that two of the sports will fall away in about another month. Life can return to some semblance of normal. I hope. In sports... Isaac's team won their first game this weekend! They won 9-6 and were SUPER excited to be on the winning side of things for a change! Meagan can now do her back handspring all by herself on trampoline / tumble track. She hasn't been instructed to attempt it on the floor yet, but they look really good on trampoline! And Sebastian is bouncing back from his elbow injury. He keeps hurting his left wrist, so he's now wearing a wrist support at practice, which seems to be helping. He's also progressing quite nicely in his elements... yesterday at practice he did his long-hang kip (which is a thing on high bar that is a TOUGH skill to get the hang of but that serves as a building block for lots of other skills). So all is well on the sports front. Meagan lost her first tooth!! Photobucket
She was beginning to think she was going to have her baby teeth forever, so she was super excited when this guy finally popped out! The adult tooth to replace this one is already up and through, but it's hanging out behind her baby teeth. Could wreak havoc on her poor little mouth if this keeps happening, but what's childhood, really without a few years of gawky looking wonky teeth? It's a right of passage really. Don't you agree? Last week was Young Author week at the elementary school. I haven't seen Isaac's book yet, so I can't share that with you. But I've seen Meagan's. And I cracked up! It is a book about Lilly. Written and illustrated by the one and only, Meagan. Photobucket
This might be my very favorite page... because it wouldn't be an accurate depiction of Lilly without a whole page dedicated to her daily puking activities. Photobucket
"Every day she peukes. It is descusting! 'Meow'" *HAAA* Photobucket

And besides all of this going on with the kids, I have my own tiny bit of fun to share. Lucas surprised me on Sunday with a Kindle Fire for no apparent reason! I was super excited and felt completely loved and spoiled! Besides being a way awesome e-reader, there's an added bonus to all of this... I can finally use my google calendar again! I have been missing it terribly since the loss of my 'smart' phone, and I'm super happy to have a portable electronic calendar back in my possession! Sweeeeeet! Okay, I'm off to do a million things before work. Have a lovely day! Hopefully I don't totally melt down at blogger and quit altogether. I'll try to keep you posted.


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