Friday, April 24, 2009


Broken. That one single word describes way too many things at our house right now. Today was a day dedicated to mending the broken. First off, Lucas took the day off of work today, for 2 reasons (other than just wanting/needing a break). First, we had to take the van to get the front end fixed, and I needed someone to go with me to drop it off to bring me home. Even more than that, though, our garage is in need of repair. A few days ago - Wednesday actually - when Sebastian and I got home from his 1st baseball practice of the season (which, by the way only lasted about 15 minutes because it started raining/sleeting out of nowhere), I pushed the garage door opener so I could pull the van in. Only the garage door only opened about a foot off the ground. Then it closed. So I pushed it again. Same thing. Again. Same. You get the point. I thought Lucas must have been messing with me, until I saw his feet and hands appear at the bottom of the garage door. At that point, I realized he wasn't messing with me at all, but he was actually trying to help get the door open. Anyway, the spring had broken. The funniest part of the whole story is that I actually had to call him home from work Thursday morning because I COULD NOT get the door open. Meagan and I were trapped in the garage! LOL!

So anyway. Today, after we dropped the van off, we headed to Bob's for breakfast. Then went to Menard's to look for a spring for the garage door. In the process, somehow, we ended up picking out a screen door for the front door. BUT they didn't have the one we wanted in stock. We checked Lowe's next with no luck. At that point, we headed out and made a few more stops. On the way home, we happened to pass another Menard's, so we decided to stop and see if they had the door. They did! So, we came home with a screen door. No spring for the garage door yet, but a screen door. I must say it is incredible to have such a good cross breeze coming through the house today. I am a big fan of the new screen door!

Going back to the theme of broken....

After hanging the door, Lucas busted out the lawn mower to cut the grass. Can you believe it? The wheel on the mower busted. Aaaah! Still functional, just a flat tire of sorts.

However, today was a milestone day for Sebastian. It was his first time ever that he mowed the yard! He did a few lines going from the front to back. Then it was time for dinner, after which Lucas just finished it up. So Sebastian didn't really do a lot of it, but he seemed to really like it, and said he wanted to do it again. (I think Lucas has been looking forward to this day for the past 7 years!!! LOL)

To wrap up the day, we had a family DQ ice cream picnic. Sebastian & Lucas were the Blizzard Boys. Meagan got a strawberry sundae. Isaac got the biggest boat of a banana split (and ate it all!!). And I got the yummiest turtle sundae in a chocolate dipped waffle cone bowl.... YUMMMM! It was a nice way to wind down from a busy day of fixing all things broken.


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