Sunday, April 26, 2009

Slightly less broken...slightly

Well, we got the van fixed. However, now it creaks. So apparently, it still needs some TLC. We'll be looking into that tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon, Lucas took it upon himself to repair the garage door, which eventually involved me holding the big bar that goes the full width of the garage while he tightened the cables... Only I couldn't reach, and I could get my hands around the vice grips (or whatever they were that I was using), so I was practically hanging on the thing to hold it... I'm sure that was quite the sight. Thankfully, there were no cameras around! We did eventually manage to get the garage door back into an operable state. We are no longer trapped in our garage, and Lucas doesn't have to lift with herculean might to push the door up.

We did manage to get more caught up (although not completely) on the laundry piles that were accumulating in every corner of every room in the house (not really, but it was starting to feel like it!) Plus, when we went to pick up the van the other day, we left the windows open, only to come home to a flooded kitchen & bedroom thanks to the storm that blew threw while we were away.... which meant that an entire basket of clean laundry that had been sitting under our window, just waiting to be folded, was DRENCHED! Do over!

So, our last three days have been non-stop doing and going. We've been working hard, and I'm thinking right now it's about time to crash! Hopefully the next few days will bring a bit of rest at some point, although we'll have to find time to squeeze it into our schedule between all of the t-ball / baseball / gymnastics practices! (Sheesh, I'm wearing myself out just typing this! I think we just need a vacation!) As for now, I am DONE for the day. I have a nice cozy bed that is calling my name! 'Night!

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