Monday, April 27, 2009

The Crunchy Ones

The other night, we ran out of pull-ups in our house. What to do?! So, I put Meagan in big girl undies for bed time, and covered them with the plastic water-proof underpants. Let's just say, she's not the biggest fan of the plastic pants. She says they're too noisy and crunchy.

Last night at bedtime, Lucas was getting her ready for bed. First the regular undies. Then the plastic ones. When it came time for the plastic ones, she went into full protest. "I DON'T LIKE THE CRUNCHY ONES!" she cried. Lucas responded, "As soon as you learn to stay dry, you won't have to wear them anymore." When that wasn't enough to settle her, he said, "Besides, your brothers had to wear these too when they were learning to stay dry at night."

Sebastian, who was standing nearby, and who hears EVERYTHING, throws his 2 cents in by saying, "Um, I don't remember EVER wearing THOSE THINGS!"

Thanks buddy, that's a lot of help.

She still wore them.

Today, however, we found them thrown away in the trash can in her bathroom. Nice try girl. It's gonna take more than that to get rid of the crunchy ones.

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