Saturday, April 11, 2009

Misadventures of the day before Easter

This morning, almost as an afterthought, I decided to double check to make sure the clothes I bought the kids for Easter actually fit. I'm glad I checked, because Sebastian's shirt was huge on him. So, we loaded up in the van, and headed back to Old Navy to make the exchange. For a special treat, and in the interest of skipping a step at home before being able to leave, we stopped at Speedway and got some donuts for breakfast...(Karen, if you're reading this, you can scold me later). We also got the kids each a bottle of milk, which took one of them all of 30 seconds to spill in the van before we even left the parking lot... sheesh. Other than that, there were no real mishaps. The only real problem was that the mall was packed, then Target (our next stop) was even more packed, and the roads were busy. So it wasn't a bad trip, it was just a congested trip. And it seems that congestion and business makes my kids (and probably me too) a little more tense and uptight than normal. So they were kind of picking at each other, and they were melting a little more readily than normal. It was a bit irritating, but we made it through okay. Our last stop (because Target didn't have what we were looking for) was Wal-Mart, which was the busiest of all. We got 3 packs of Easter egg color tablets, some stickers to put on the eggs, and some ribbon (for Meagan's hair for tomorrow, as she has changed her mind on which dress she wants to wear, and we didn't have ribbon to match her new choice...she's such a girl sometimes! Although, I will say, her new selection will match the boys much better than her initial choice - her dress is blue & green, and they each have a blue shirt and a green shirt. I didn't plan that, but I can't say that I mind).


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