Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 1/2 hours later...

Uggh! We have been so blessed to have avoided the yucky junkies that have been hitting everyone lately, but this week, we finally got a taste of it. Tuesday Isaac staid home from school because he was coughing really badly, and he was asking if he could go to bed and just sleep. By Tuesday evening, he had done nothing but rest all day, and he seemed to be feeling much better Wednesday morning. So he went back to school on Wednesday.

However.... yesterday at about 2:30, I got a call at work from Meg's preschool saying she was running a fever of 102. So, I packed up and went to pick her up. With her fever being what it was, our doctor's office recommended we head straight to Urgent Care. I knew that, if I was getting to urgent care at 3:00, there was very little chance I would be home by 4:00 to get the boys off the bus. So I went to the school & picked them up, and took all three of them to UC. My intention initially was just to have Meagan seen, but it was pretty clear after having Isaac in the van with me for all of about 30 seconds that his cough was still going strong. So I decided to have him seen too.

So now here's the picture: Three kids - 2 sick and 1 perfectly fine - sitting in urgent care with NOTHING to do... not the ideal circumstances, to say the least.

We waited... and waited... and waited. For almost an hour & 45 minutes before we were ever called back to be seen. Then a nurse practitioner student came in and checked them all over, after which a regular nurse practitioner would come in and redo all the same stuff all over again. Lovely. But whatever.

So she (the student) looked them over. She was really concerned about Isaac - thinking he might need to be on an inhaler or nebulizer. Then with Meagan, she was worried there might be a UTI or something, so she wanted to collect a pee sample... GREAT, seeing as Meagan had JUST gone to the bathroom about 5 minutes before that... which meant we had to wait until she had to go again! So we totally got held hostage by a 4-year-old's pee patterns. AAAAHHHH!!

Long story short, we were there from 3:10 until 7:50...more than 3 1/2 hours! No UTI or anything else pee-related, so that was all for nothing (but I guess at least we know what it's NOT, lol). Isaac has bronchitis and an ear infection. Meagan has a fever, so they called it the flu because there was nothing else to call it I guess.

So we're all hanging out at home today. Lovely. Meagan broke her fever in her sleep last night, so right now I'm having a hard time keeping her down and still. Isaac is still more than willing to lay on the couch and be a bum. Thankfully, there is no school tomorrow, so we have another day to just chill and recover.

Lesson learned... make a pit stop at home to gather several forms of entertainment before going to Urgent Care with 3 kids. Must remember that. Really.

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