Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hot Date Tonight!

Tonight we have a hot date... a family movie date to watch UP! The kids have been looking forward to it ALL WEEK, so we decided to make a big big deal of it. We are going to have a special dinner (hot dogs - since there are DOGS in the movie... plus they all just happen to LOVE hot dogs). We're going to set up their sleeping bags and pillows in the living room floor, turn on surround sound, and kick back! Plus, we'll do popcorn and balloon cookies for special snacks. Here's a peek at the cookies I made for our special event.

Just a bag mix of Betty Crocker sugar cookies, a can of white fluffy frosting, split 4 ways, some neon food coloring drops, and Twizzler strings. Simple, but it doesn't take much to make it a special thing for the kids! I only wish I would have had a balloon-shaped cookie cutter... would have sped things up a bit, and maybe made them look a little less lumpy! LOL! Oh well, they'll still taste yummy!

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