Thursday, November 19, 2009


We're all feeling much better. Life is busy. More of the same.... skating on Monday. Gymnastics & small group on Tuesday. Church on Wednesday. Gymnastics on Thursday. Free day (of cleaning and catching up) on Friday & Saturday. Church on Sunday. Start over.

That being said, there have been a few notable moments amid all the monotony of everyday life. Last Thursday we had parent-teacher conferences for the boys. We learned that Isaac is "probably the brightest kid in the class" and is reading a few levels above where they want them to be by the end of 1st grade, so he and one other little girl are actually being sent to another class for reading so that they can be challenged. I had no idea, so that was a pleasant surprise. (Truthfully, by the way Isaac made it sound, I kind of thought maybe they had put him in a remedial reading class, so I was not at all expecting to hear the total opposite, LOL ). However, he is having some troubles. He has been having trouble with little outbursts for the past few weeks. In a matter of 2 days of school, he managed to intentionally break several of the class crayons, and smash another little kids 3-D shapes project just because he felt like it. Hmmm... So, we had a long talk with Isaac, and he seems to be responding fairly well to it. I also wonder if a bit of his issues weren't because of the antibiotic he was on... just a little fishy to me that the trouble spiked up during the time he was on the medicine and has improved since he's been off of it. ??? Still, we're working on it with him.

Sebastian's teachers also said he is doing really well. They both said he is super smart, catches on easily, and so on. He talks too much in class (wonder who he might have gotten that from?), and that sometimes he has trouble staying on task. Yup, that's Sebastian. But he's doing really well, so yay!

One other highlight to mention... all of a sudden this week Isaac just took off in skating. He finally seems to have his feet about him, and he is picking up speed. This week was the first week since the very first week that I could visibly see that he was enjoying himself. Hopefully he keeps on improving. I just want him to enjoy what he's doing... so much better than being a grump!

Other than that, not too much out of the ordinary is happening right now. Tomorrow we are planning a family movie date to watch UP. Looking forward to that! So are the kids... not sure Lucas is so excited, but he'll manage.

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