Sunday, February 21, 2010


Another layout to share with you. This one I threw together quickly the other night... quick scrapping is a HUGE plus when free time is scarce, as it seems to be lately. I used this new set of templates by Sahlin Studio to get the job done fast!

I never used to like templates, but they are definitely growing on me! I'm seeing their value more & more. I was always set against them because I thought a layout made with a template couldn't be "original," but I've come to believe that sometimes having an "original" page just won't really matter 30 years from now. What will matter most then will be simply that the memory was recorded and I can look back and recall the details... template or not! Besides all that, a good template is versatile enough to be used several ways and still be fresh.

Here's what I did with this template pack this time around... I'll most definitely be using these templates again in the near future!

Journaling: I have such mixed emotions about pixos... the tiny little beads that go everywhere when they fall... the giant box of supplies to be stored in the kitchen cabinet... the drying time. Yet I can't help but like a toy that brings out so much creativity in each of you. No matter what my opinion may be, you LOVE them!

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