Thursday, May 13, 2010

My blessings today

These are my blessings today:
  • umbrellas in the pouring rain
  • smiles on the boys' faces this morning before school
  • conversations with my children
  • blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs for breakfast
  • a warm, peaceful shower
  • hugs from Meagan
  • a warm, dry house
  • kitty cuddles
  • a mom I can go to for advice
  • a husband who loves his family and works hard for us
  • God's love
  • Salvation

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in circumstances and feel frustrated, like nothing is going right, or like there's never going to be an end to the junk that swirls around us. I had a moment of that today - we got an email saying the family who came through the house yesterday decided to make an offer on another house. Although everything in me wanted to be mad and crabby, God instantly reminded me of the countless blessings I've experienced just this morning alone. Truly, how on earth could I be focused on one temporary problem when there are so many amazing circumstances surrounding me every day. I refuse to devalue all of the blessings by focusing on the one negative. Just not worth it! So, I will choose to keep my eyes on the great things He has already given me and done for me, and I will continue to wait for answers to the circumstances surrounding the house. It will all work out in the end... I just have to have the patience to get to the end!

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